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    The Voldemort Uptown Funk Parody You Didn't Know You Needed

    Old Voldy still has some soul in him, even after seven horcruxes.

    YouTuber KFaceTV and his Cosplay crew just created the (hopefully) last parody of "Uptown Funk You Up" by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars. The result is magical.

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    "I’m too hot! Make a headmaster retire man."

    "I'm too hot! Call an Auror, try and stop this man."

    "I'm too hot! Don't say my name, you know who I am!"

    "I'm too hot! Am I bad ‘bout this curse, Avada down now."

    "Albus sent ya, hallelujah (Whoo)"

    "Cuz Dark Lord Funk gon’ give it to ya!"

    "It's Saturday night and we takin Hogwarts."

    "Don’t believe me, just watch!"


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