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    Spring Break: Office Cube Style

    You know, for when you're too old to actually go somewhere. #springbreak2k15

    There comes a time when you realize the sad, sad state of your life:




    Well, unless you decided to become a teacher.

    You only said you wanted to help kids, but ohhh no. I see what you did there. #springbreakforever

    Gone are the days of getting drunk with your friends on a beach for a week.

    An entire WEEK of pure sunburned bliss.

    No more blacking out life's responsibilities for ONE. WHOLE. WEEK.


    Spoiler alert: Adult world doesn't believe in spring break. Rude.

    All of the feels.

    But cube life isn't so bad. It could be worse...


    False. There is nothing better than Spring Break. Nothing.

    And all of the stories that come with it.

    So quit acting like you're an important adult doing important adult things in your important adult office, and celebrate Spring Break: Cube Style.

    Turn your office into a beach!

    Get a spray tan!

    Maybe try out some new hairstyles.

    Take pictures with strangers!

    Especially Bob from marketing.

    Wear neon to work!


    ...of espresso

    Live stream the beach on your computer!

    A la Hollister.

    Take a sight-seeing tour around the office!

    Better yet: Every hour on the hour, offer free walking tours to your coworkers.

    Eat pineapple for lunch!

    Rage to Steve Aoki!

    In your headphones, of course.

    Check out the office supply closet for FREE souvenirs!

    Send postcards to your friends!

    "Wish you were here!"

    If you're really ambitious about celebrating Spring Break office style, show up hungover!

    But whatever you do, post EVERYTHING to social media.

    Because otherwise did it even happen?

    The good news is, you're not alone.

    We're secretly all depressed about it.

    Keep telling yourself that.


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