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    16 Non-BAEsic Gifts For BAE

    I'm in da club hollerin' A BAE BAE

    1. BAEcon

    The true gift of love.

    2. BAEne action figures

    3. BAEngles

    4. BAEgels

    Or gift cards to Panera.

    5. BAEls of hay

    Ya know, for that pony she really wants.

    6. BAEonets

    7. BAEleys

    8. BAEl for jail

    9. BAEse jumping gear

    10. BAEsil scented candles

    And be just like the original silver fox bae, Anderson Cooper.

    11. BAEse guitars

    12. Backyard BAEseball

    13. BAEnksy himself

    14. BAEing puppies

    15. BAEs to sit on the dock of

    16. BAEbies

    *BAEng BAEng*

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