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Do You Watch "Empire?" Don't Follow 50 Cent On Instagram

"Power" producer 50 Cent is giving his 2 cents on social media. See what I did there?

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The hip-hop mogul, rapper, actor, and executive producer for "Power" threw some more shade on top of the shade that was thrown since December 2014, the month before "Empire" premiered on FOX.

EMPIRE is some sh!t you should get for free. Now that power is worth paying for, STARZ premium cable. SAT, 9pm don't miss it you want to be the only motherfvcker that don't know what's going on?😳 lol #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

Yeah, he said it. But that's not all.

The feud between "Power" and "Empire" has been going on for several months, since 50 Cent accused the show's executives of making eerily similiar artwork to his show for their advertisements.

On June 10, "Power" was renewed for a third season with Starz, based on the second season premiere's high ratings.

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