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    20 Things That Are Worth Subscribing To If You Have A Small Pet

    Have it arrive at your door regularly and save money.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. All-natural bacon-flavored chew treats for ferrets to keep their teeth clean and free of tartar buildup.

    The ferret chew treats in their packaging

    2. A miniature hay bale that is high in fiber and low in protein for rabbits who want a tasty meal that's just as fun to roll around in as it is to eat.

    A rabbit nibbling at the hay bale

    3. A bag of baked carrot biscuits so small animals who like to chew will have something nutritious to chow down on that'll also support their dental health.

    A chinchilla nibbling on a carrot biscuit

    4. A package of incredibly soft pet bedding available in a multitude of colors and made from raw, all-natural paper fibers so your pet's cage can stay drier and cleaner longer.

    A hamster in its cage with blue bedding

    5. A pack of Cheesie Chews made with cheese-flavoring and real carrots because your rabbit, chinchilla, hamster, or guinea pig deserves healthy, trim teeth and the occasional charcuterie board.

    A hamster enjoying a mouth full of cheesie chew in its cage

    6. A package of sweet bamboo chew sticks for the squirrel, rabbit, chinchilla, or hamster who gets bored easily and needs a fun snack to help keep their teeth at a healthy length.

    A white rat chewing on a bamboo stick given to it by its owner

    7. A package of delectable Yogies treats made with real yogurt to give your beloved hamster, gerbil, or rat a little extra something something.

    A hamster eating the Yogies treats in his cage

    8. An all-natural teeth grinding stick made with grass meal so your tiny furry friend can get some extra fiber in their diet and help their overall digestion.

    A black bunny chewing on one hay stick

    9. A pack of 100 ultra absorbent litter box pads for rabbits that turns liquids into gel and prevents leaks before they ever think of touching your precious floor.

    The potty pads stacked and stretched out on a rabbit litter box to show their size

    10. A four-pound bag of everything hamsters and gerbils love to eat; packed with seeds, nuts, vegetables, and bite-sized fruits, your furry friend will want to savor this gourmet meal by candlelight.

    Two hamsters being fed the hamster food from their cage

    11. A package of blueberry yogurt-dipped hamster and gerbil treats fortified with nutrients so you and your pet can have *essentially* matching breakfasts.

    A rat inside of a bowl chewing on the blueberry treats

    12. A cannister of bathing sand because your hamster or chinchilla deserves a little R&R with a fun bath that'll help keep their coats free of oil.

    A white and gray hamster taking a bath in the sand

    13. A package of small animal treats made with strawberry and banana yogurt, then rolled in nuts and seeds so you can basically give your furry friend the animal equivalent of an ice cream sundae.

    A brown and white hamster nibbling on the side of the disc-shaped treat

    14. A large bag of chinchilla food filled with crunchy bits, prebiotics, and probiotics, to support dental and digestive health in your little floof.

    The 25-pound bag of food in its packaging

    15. A bag of fiber and nutrient-rich rabbit food fortified with vitamins and minerals that'll keep your special bun happy and healthy.

    Rabbit trying to get into a bag of the food

    16. A package of cage liners made with the odor-controlling powers of Arm & Hammer so cleanup is a breeze and you never have to tolerate a funky smell again.

    17. A package of guinea pig food with hay to support digestive health, vitamin C, prebiotics, and probiotics because your GP deserves a delicious meal that'll keep them nice and strong.

    A black and white guinea pig eating the food out of a small bowl in its cage

    18. A bag of starch-free food for ferrets that includes protein, probiotics, prebioitics, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to keep your fur baby's tummy happy.

    A ferret eating the food inside of its cage

    19. A gentle ferret shampoo with aloe vera and jojoba oil so your pet's coat stays shiny, while enzymes work to fight any odors.

    20. And a bottle of cage cleaning spray for deodorizing and sanitizing your pet's home without irritating your pet's respiratory system.

    The bottle of cleaning spray

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