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    Just 15 Products From Amazon That Long-Haired Cats' Owners Swear By

    They shed *so* much, but they're still family.

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    1. A rubber broom to attract all that cat hair off of carpets, rugs, linoleum, and hardwood floors that your vacuum can't seem to reach. When you got every last strand, simply rinse off the broom and say goodbye to the mess.

    A long-haired cat next to a large clump of hair removed from the carpet with broom

    2. A pack of Burt's Bees dander wipes made with moisturizing ingredients like oatmeal to reduce inflammation, dander, and flaking so your cat's long coat stays shiny and healthy.

    A cat sitting next to a pack of the dander wipes

    3. A durable fine-toothed comb to stop shedding before it even happens. Get rid of mats, dander, and dead hair in under ten minutes and keep your fur baby's long hair glistening.

    A long haired cat next to a clump of its hair removed with the brush

    4. A reusable ChomChom roller that'll get every little bit of shedding off couches, beds, comforters, and blankets with a few, quick strokes. When you're done, take the clumps of hair out of the dust receptacle and never think of them again.

    5. An alcohol- and paraben-free detangling spray made from natural ingredients that'll add moisture to your cat's coat, helping to loosen any knots or mats more easily. Really, anything you can do to prevent tugging or pulling is greatly appreciated by your furry friend.

    6. A handheld Bissell vacuum designed specifically to get pet hair off of stairs, upholstery, and other hard surfaces. The nozzle attracts hair easily and feeds it into the bag-less receptacle, making clean up *so* simple.

    Half of a couch that has been vacuumed with the Bissell showing significantly less cat hair

    7. A machine-washable couch cover with an adjustable strap to fit securely on your sofa and ensure your lazing fur baby isn't shedding all over the good upholstery.

    A black cat laying on the couch protector

    8. A set of extra-sticky lint rollers with removable sheets because sometimes you need the satisfaction of rolling all that cat hair off your clothes or furniture, ripping off that sheet, and forgetting about it forever.

    A cat standing beside the lint roller

    9. A eufy RoboVac so you can take advantage of this little guy's extra suction power for sweeping up cat fur without ever having to get off the couch.

    A cat following the Eufy as it cleans up its hair

    10. A pair of grooming gloves for the dander king or queen who hates being brushed but is in serious need of it. The silicone massagers will feel just like they're being pet, meaning less of a struggle for you.

    A long-haired cat beside the gloves and a clump of its hair the gloves took off

    11. An air purifier made specifically for pet parents who love their fur babies, but don't love their allergies so much. This model can help reduce allergens in the air caused by pet dander and leave you breathing easy.

    A dirty filter filled with pet hair next to a clean filter

    12. A self-grooming brush you can mount to the wall so your cat can do all their brushing on their own time. Soft bristles ensure the brush won't tug painfully at dead hair, and an extra compartment allows you to equip your brush with catnip.

    A cat rubbing itself against the mounted brush

    13. A smaller, more precise detangling brush for gently removing knots and mats because *heaven knows* your cat's flowing mane takes specialized maintenance.

    14. A fur-lifting lint roller by OXO for smaller areas that easily get covered in cat hair. (Like, ahem, you). The self-cleaning base scrapes off pet hair without any tugging or pulling on your part and makes for easy disposal.

    The lint brush beside a pile of pet hair it removed

    15. A Bissell bagless vacuum made for the sole purpose of removing all the cat hair from your life. If it's time to bring out the big players for your long-haired shedding baby, this will do the trick.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.