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    15 Things From Amazon That Hamster Owners Swear By

    Your teeny tiny furry friends deserve the best.

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    1. A pack of ultra-soft hamster bedding made with natural paper fibers and available in a variety of colors so your ham can have a cozy, stylish home.

    A hamster in a wheel with a cage full of soft blue bedding

    2. A two-floor Favola hamster cage equipped with a water bottle, wheel, and food dish because your pet's dream has always been to show off their home on MTV Cribs.

    A hamster walking through the Favola cage

    3. A pack of cheese- or fruit-flavored Yogies treats made from real yogurt to switch things up for your ham when their other food gets boring.

    A hamster munching on the treat

    4. A 4-pound bag of Wild Harvest hamster food that includes everything hammies find delectable: grains, bite-sized fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds.

    Two hamsters being fed the Wild Harvest food

    5. A pack of super-absorbent Arm & Hammer cage liners to control moisture and odor, making cage clean up so much easier.

    The Arm & Hammer cage liner

    6. A 10-pack of natural wooden pine toys and accessories that includes a swing, climbing ladder, seesaw, and molar string for the hamster who has never explicitly said they wanted to visit Disney World, but deserves their own theme park all the same.

    A hamster playing with several of the wooden toys

    7. A quality hamster sand bathroom and scooper so your furry friend can relax at the end of the day with a tiny glass of wine, enjoy a soothing bath, and keep their fur clean.

    A hamster relaxing in its sand bath

    8. And a canister of bathing sand made with high quality ingredients so your hamster can soak for hours.

    A hamster relaxing inside a bath filled with bathing sand

    9. A set of durable and adorable ceramic food dishes that are extremely easy to clean and will jazz up the look of any hamster home.

    Both of the decorative ceramic bowls

    10. A super-silent exercise wheel with an adjustable base for the hamster that likes to go ham when running but tends to get the zoomies in the middle of the night.

    A hamster running on the wheel

    11. A leak-proof water bottle to help quench your little bud's thirst without making a huge mess, compelling you to clean the cage yet again.

    The water bottle positioned in a hamster cage

    12. A three-chamber hamster hideaway because your ham wants all the adventures of a maze along with a solid place to stash their treats.

    A hamster sitting on top of the wooden hut in its cage

    13. A canister of Nature's Miracle cage scrubbing wipes made with extra thick materials and odor-eliminating enzymes to make your least-favorite part of owning a hamster just a smidge easier.

    the cage wipes

    14. A banana-shaped hamster hammock to keep your ham nice and warm in one of the cutest miniature beds ever created.

    A cute hamster nuzzling inside of the banana hammock

    15. A small coconut hut for a ham who wants a safe and cozy hideout with a *touch* of a tropical feel.

    A hamster inside the small coconut hut

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