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    31 Practical Things From Walmart That Don’t Cost A Lot, But Will Be Used All The Time

    You will sincerely wish these products entered into your life sooner.

    1. A 20-piece Farberware mixing bowl and prep set to get you started making any meal or baked good your heart desires, all in a stylish aqua hue.

    The mixing bowls, measuring cups, and measuring spoons filled with ingredients and showcased on a table

    2. An expandable cutlery tray by the Pioneer Woman with seven compartments to give your forks, knives, and spoons a cozy floral home.

    The tray expanded to show the floral liner and additional compartments.

    3. A plush sherpa throw blanket so you can burrito yourself into the sweet comfort of oblivion.

    The gray throw spread out over a couch

    4. A 20-piece set of Rubbermaid pantry organization and food storage containers, because hardcore adults never let their pastas, cereals, or legumes become stale in trivial cardboard boxes.

    Several different sizes of containers filled with flour, cereal, pasta, and sugar

    5. A three-tier, space-saving spice rack to conveniently display the evidence that anything you cook will not be bland.

    The 3-tier spice rack in a cabinet with spices on each tier

    6. A mini Crock-Pot, because you've probably already heard tales of this legendary piece of cookery's magical abilities as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sautéer, steamer, and yogurt maker.

    The mini slow cooker

    7. A six-drawer spice and tea box by the Pioneer Woman to organize all your favorite warm and fuzzy beverages in an equally warm and fuzzy box.

    The box displayed with one drawer open to show its storage abilities

    8. An onion chopper to perfectly dice, slice, and measure ingredients without so much as a tear from you.

    The slicer with an onion being pressed into it and diced

    9. A stainless-steel grocery bag dispenser to mount on your wall and organize your chaotic, bag-lady energy.

    The grocery bag dispenser

    10. A 16-piece food storage set with snap-locking lids, because your leftovers deserve to be kept fresh, comfortably stored away, and eventually eaten.

    8 of the storage containers with various fruits and vegetables in them

    11. A Bissell vacuum to effortlessly steer through messes under heavy furniture or in awkward corners. Plus it works on carpet, bare floors, *and* stairs, and can even be used to clean hard-to-reach areas like shelves and fridge tops.

    12. A Mr. Coffee machine that'll be more loyal than Lassie when it comes to making a quality cup of joe every morning from here on out. It's you two against the world now.

    13. A durable Better Homes & Gardens 12-piece utensil set to prepare and cook any dish you put your mind to, without scratching your nonstick pans.

    All 12 of the utensils in the set showcased in a kitchen

    14. A collapsible colander that extends up to 26 inches and hovers over your sink so you don't actually have to wash your dishes before straining pasta ever again.

    The colander collapsed and fitted inside a dishwasher

    15. A BuzzFeed Tasty cutting board with measuring strips and four removable trays to catch your perfectly sliced ingredients. And in case that wasn't enough, the cutting board comes equipped with a garlic grater, two of the trays have cup measurement marks, the third tray can be used to strip herbs, and the fourth tray functions as a strainer.

    The cutting board with 3 trays removed and 2 featuring chopped vegetables to show their measuring capabilities

    16. A collapsible double hamper for those looking to separate their colors from their whites, or for squeamish couples who just moved in together and aren't looking to mix their unmentionables.

    The double hamper in a laundry room, opened with clothes spilling out

    17. An electric wine opener with a foil cutter and wine pourer/stopper for those unfortunate souls who have suffered through a broken cork ruining the delicate balance of their red blend.

    The LED light-up wine opener

    18. A super soft and thick cotton bath towel to cradle your naked bottom in absolute comfort and luxury.

    The bath towel featured beside several other towels of differing sizes

    19. A Conair fabric steamer that kills dust mites, bedbugs, and germs, because let's be honest, you're not whipping out the ironing board for that one shirt you need to look presentable right now.

    The fabric steamer featured next to clothes it has steamed

    20. A luxury double shower head with 24 different water flow patterns, because you deserve a mini massage in the morning after having the willpower to get out of bed.

    The double shower head with water turned on

    21. A mini, lightweight steam iron, because if you've ever had to travel for a wedding, you know taking your glad rags out of your suitcase and hanging them up while you shower just ain't cutting it.

    The mini steam iron on an ironing board

    22. An Allswell memory foam cooling gel pillow for those forever striving to find the cold side of the pillow.

    The pillow

    23. A set of 10 Wonder Hangers (calling all As Seen On TV fans) if your shopping habit cannot be tamed by the likes of your tiny closet.

    One hanger holding 5 different shirts

    24. A set of wrinkle-resistant microfiber sheets so you never have to be plagued by the creases caused by your restless sleeping again.

    The sheets spread without wrinkles on a bed

    25. A set of 12 sleek stemless wineglasses that could easily double as regular drinking glasses, and no one would have to know.

    4 of the glasses on a table with one filled with sparkling wine

    26. A BuzzFeed Tasty nonstick Dutch oven to use on any cooking surface known to man and to get your meals done quicker.

    The dutch oven cooking chili

    27. A quiet waterproof cotton mattress pad with a hypo-allergenic filling to keep you cool and prevent any rustling noises from your restless bedfellow.

    The mattress pad

    28. A set of blackout curtains to keep out light, heat, cold, and all forms of human interaction.

    The black out curtains in black draped on a window

    29. A Hamilton Beach electric kettle to quickly heat water for those who need their hot cocoa, STAT.

    The electric kettle

    30. A set of four silicone pot holders that moonlight as trivet mats, jar openers, spoon rests, and garlic peelers because they like to keep things interesting.

    The 4 silicone pot holders on a kitchen counter

    31. A set of three nonstick skillets, because you're ready to explore greater culinary pursuits beyond frying an egg.

    The skillets on a kitchen counter top

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