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    20 Things From Amazon That Small Dog Owners Swear By

    For all the pupper parents who know too well what the term "Napoleon Syndrome" means, this one's for you.

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    1. A perfectly petite-sized feeding station featuring two stainless-steel bowls enclosed by short walls so your little guy with the big appetite can enjoy their kibble without getting any on the floor.

    2. An uber-calming, incredibly fluffy donut bed that may only be two feet wide and long, but is still fit for tiny royalty.

    A small dog sleeping in the middle of the light brown, plush bed to show its size.

    3. An ultra-durable and long crinkle toy with an oh-so-satisfying squeaker for the wee one who still wants to play tug-of-war, but only has so much mouth space.

    A small white dog resting its chin on the crinkle toy to show its length.

    4. A 24-inch wire dog crate cover made from a Teflon fabric to repel stains and odors while creating the relaxing, cozy den your small furry friend instinctually wants.

    A puppy inside the lined crate surrounded by plush blankets to show the cozy environment.

    5. A crunchy plush bottle of wine with a replaceable empty water bottle inside because your fur baby may be under 15 pounds, but that doesn't mean they don't appreciate a good vintage.

    A puppy holding the toy in its mouth to show its size.

    6. A pack of bite-sized Greenies specifically made to fight tartar and plaque down to the gumline of our more miniature mates.

    7. A lightweight, waterproof pup carrier with a comfy fleece bed and breathable mesh siding for the jet-setting floof under 15 pounds.

    A small dog traveling inside of the pet carrier.

    8. An ingenious hide-and-seek squirrel plush toy made especially for the mini guys so your petite pooch can have hours of fun hunting down pesky rodents. Pro tip: add some kibble to the inside of the log to up the challenge.

    A small white dog sitting beside the squirrel plush toy to show how small it is.

    9. A reversible, waterproof jacket in a stylish plaid because some little guys are still daring enough to dive head-first into snow banks, no matter how much you tell them not to.

    A small dog wearing the coat in green.

    10. A durable beef-flavored, X-shaped chew toy made by Nylabone so even the little chewers under 25 pounds have something to gnaw on during playtime.

    11. A bouncy Kong rubber chew toy that you can fill with your doggo's favorite treats or kibble to keep them mentally stimulated throughout the day. Because it's sized especially for them, you don't have to worry about them overeating during playtime.

    A small dog chewing on the Kong in blue.

    12. An adorable plaid harness and leash combo set made with comfortable, breathable mesh for teeny pups because it can be hard to find the perfect walking gear for your smol friend that's both functional and stylish.

    A small French bull dog wearing the plaid harness.

    13. A darling, small slicker grooming brush that detangles mats, minimizes dander, and removes dirt from your petite pup's coat without causing much of a fuss from them.

    A small dog sitting behind the brush in pink to show its size.

    14. A pack of cronch-worthy Milk-Bone treats made with bone marrow and calcium so your little doggo can have healthy teeth, bones, and a good behavior motivator.

    A small dog sitting beside a package of Milk-Bone treats looking happy.

    15. A teeny tiny nail clipper with no-slip handles made to trim teeny tiny claws without any accidents or mishaps.

    16. An adjustable, reflective dog collar that can fit even the tiniest of necks when it's time to embark on walkies.

    A small dog wearing the collar in green.

    17. A pack of delectable dried kibble by Hill's Science Diet made especially for small dog breeds so your pupper can digest the food easily while you make sure their muscles and coat stay healthy.

    18. A lightweight, quiet nail grinder for the small doggo who makes it exceptionally difficult to trim their tiny nails. Two rotation speeds allow you to choose which setting works best for you pet, and the grinding can be a good alternative for pups afraid of clippers.

    A small dog waiting to get its nails trimmed with the grinder.

    19. A Friends themed Central Perk squeaker with a rope small enough for tiny pups to chew on while you both debate if Ross and Rachel were truly on a break.

    20. And a cleverly named "Chewy Vuitton" plush toy so your incredibly stylish pup can show off all the fashion sensibilities they carry in a tiny package.

    A small dog chewing on the chew toy to show its size.

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