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The hilariously perfect duo Zac Efron and Seth Rogen are back at it again this summer with Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising — but instead of a raucous fraternity, this time it's a hard-partying sorority led by Chloe Grace Moretz that's ruining the neighbors' lives. We sat down with the cast on the set of the new film, and after watching them film scene after shirtless scene, we can 100% confirm it's both hella hot and funny AF.

To take us all on a trip down college memory lane, we decided to play a round of Never Have I Ever with the guys, in which they discuss getting caught naked in the front yard and overhearing their neighbors having sex. Here's what went down.

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Thrown a house party while your parents were out of town?

Seth: I have done that.

Zac: I have not done that.

Seth: I’ve for sure done that. I did it the night Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear.

Zac: Dope. Wish I was there.

Seth: Yeah, It was in like 1997 or something.

Zac: That was a long time ago.

Accidentally broken something at someone’s house party?

Zac: Oh, for sure. That’s impossible.

Seth: I actually don’t think I’ve ever done that.

Zac: I’ve, like, what haven’t I broken?! All kinds of things.

Given someone a fake phone number?

Seth: I’ve never done that. Actually, no, I have done that.

Zac: Yeah, all the time.

Seth: For sure. I’ve done it a few times, actually. I gave Zac a fake phone number.

Zac: He wasn’t responding to any of my texts. [To Seth] Do I have your real phone number?

Seth: No, not yet. I refuse to give it to you.

Zac: Still working on it.

Wanted to be in a fraternity?

Seth: I would wanna be, sure. Guilty. I would wanna be in a fraternity.

Zac: I think I’d want some aspects of it.

Seth: Yeah! It’d be fun to live in a big gross house and get drunk all day.

Zac: Yeah, from what I hear it’s really, really fun. Living vicariously through this movie, it seems fun.

Seth: Yeah! What we portray in the movie seems fun.

Zac: Yeah, exactly.

Saw or overheard my neighbor having sex?

Seth: Oh, I have for sure.

Zac: Yeah, for sure. Guilty. Guilty as charged.

Seth: Not in a long time.

Zac: You haven’t stayed in a hotel in the past [few months]?

Seth: I haven’t heard sex. But I used to live next to a guy who would have a lot of sex. Whereas I did not. Stark contrast.

Zac: I don’t wanna elaborate too much, but…

Seth: But you’ve heard it?

Zac: Yeah, for sure. Unless somebody is getting murdered?

Seth: Yeah, unless it’s a murder. I always assume it’s a murder.

Had a drink thrown in my face Real Housewives-style?

Zac: What style do the Housewives throw like?

Seth: I don’t think I’ve ever had, like, an angered drink thrown in my [face]. I’ve had comedic drinks thrown in my face. Once a girl flicked a cigarette in my face — also bad. Probably worse than having a drink thrown in my face.

Zac: That’s potentially worse. I don’t think it’s happened to me either. Pretty sure.

Plotted a prank on someone in my neighborhood?

Seth: I have, for sure.

Zac: Yeah, I’ve definitely done that. Going toilet papering. Pretty standard.

Seth: We had a neighbor we used to hate — I would put cheeseburgers through his mail slot.

Zac: That’s pretty good.

That’s actually nice.

Seth: I know, I’d be thrilled if I woke up to cheeseburgers in my front door.

Zac: I think I would go to other people’s neighborhoods and mess with their neighbors.

Thrown a party that’s gotten majorly out of control?

Seth: Yes, I’ve thrown a few parties that have gotten majorly out of control. Not for a while.

Zac: Yes.

Seth: One time I threw a party and I heard someone go, “Holy shit, Seth Rogen’s here.” And I was like, ah, man.

Zac: [laughs] This is my house!

Seth: Not what you wanna hear in your own house. That’s bad. That’s a big party.

Gotten caught by your neighbor walking around in your backyard half naked?

Seth: I think I have.

Zac: I ran out [of the house] — I rescued a dog and he was a puppy, and he got away, but he knew not to go a certain way, and I, like, just ran out into the yard to go save him so he wouldn’t go into the street, just in my underwear. I had just woken up. And, like, snagged him and was like, no, don’t run away! And I looked up and my neighbor and his whole family were like, “Morning.” And I’m like, “Heeey. Uhh, this is awkward.” Lots of kids.

Seth: There’s a nice moral to that story.

Zac: The dog’s great, by the way, he’s good.

Seth: I can’t remember my [story]. That one just took my breath away.

Crashed a fraternity or sorority party?

Zac: I don’t know if I went to a legit one, but a few of my friends were in fraternities.

Seth: Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever crashed one of those parties.

Zac: Yeah, I think I just hung out with my buddies — they did, like, a lot of improv at my friend’s frat at UCLA. So I’d go kick it with them a lot.

Seth: Really? That’s fun.

Zac: I did one of their improv shows one time.

Seth: That’s the one frat I’d be welcome in. The improv frat.

Zac: Oh, they would love you.

Had an annoying neighbor who’s constantly doing construction on their house?

Seth: Me, yeah. I still have the same guy, from the first movie. When I was promoting the first movie, I had a neighbor who was doing it. It’s the same guy who’s doing it! It’s been three years. It’s our three-year anniversary coming up in November, actually. I’m getting him a card. He emailed me like eight months ago saying it was gonna be done, and I was like, I honestly hope it lasts three years just so I can, like, rub it in your face when it happens. And we’re like three weeks away from it being a full three years of construction. My friend’s baby was born when he started building the house, and she, like, talks and walks now. It’s crazy.

Snuck into a neighbors pool or backyard when they were out of town?

Seth: No, I haven’t done that. My neighbor doesn’t have a pool.

Zac: No. None of my neighbors had pools growing up.

Seth: It’d be great if they did.

Zac: There was, like, cows. A lot of dogs that would potentially hurt you.

Won a dance battle?

Seth: I’ve never actually won a dance battle.

Zac: I don’t know who ranks these things. At some point I jump in and everyone gets excited...

Seth: You win.

Zac: Yeah, I guess I won.

Seth: You’re gonna win the dance battle.

Zac: But it’s never like Step Up.

Seth: There’s never really a winner.

Zac: It’s not like I’m onstage…

Seth: It’s not like a definitive moment where you win.

Zac: Yeah, like standing on my hands or spinning.

Seth: And everyone’s like, "Whoaa." And the other team just like...

Zac: Clapping. And you end with, like, the *stomps*.

Seth: Yeah, and everyone just knows.

Zac: That you won. Yeah, that’s it.

Ducked for cover when someone rang the doorbell?

Seth: Oh, I do that a lot. I did that like two days ago.

Zac: Yeah.

Seth: Yeah, I do it every time the doorbell rings.

Zac: Yeah, my door is clear, it’s glass.

Seth: Yeah, so they can see?

Zac: Yeah, so I have to, like, really peek around.

Had a crush on or hit on a neighbor?

Seth: I didn’t have a crush on him, but again, my neighbor who fucked a lot seemed like, if that was my thing, he would be a great dude to go after. 'Cause he seemed to have some prowess in that department. So he wasn’t my orientation, but if he was, I would’ve gone for him, 'cause he fucked like a lunatic. And he was an acting coach, so I could benefit in many ways from the relationship.

Zac: I don’t think I have.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising hits theaters May 20!