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Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Realize They Don't Know Each Other At All

We put the stars of Daddy's Home to the test.

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Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg compete as ~Best Dad~ in the new comedy Daddy's Home, but when we sat down with hilarious duo, we had them compete to see just how well they actually know each other — in which we learned Will has a churro machine and Mark is a big fan of Elf. Here's what went down.

What was the first thing Will thought when meeting Mark?


Will wrote, "He eats very fast." Mark wrote, "Short."

Mark: I do eat very fast, how'd you notice that?

Will: I just remember we were at that dinner, and [I was like], wow, he eats fast!

Mark: You don't know if I had to get out of there quickly.

What was the first thing Mark thought when meeting Will?


Will wrote, "Super handsome." Mark wrote, "Nice hair."

Will: Oh, okay!

What is Will’s favorite curse word?


Will wrote, "Shitass." Mark wrote, "Fuck you!"

Will: I was gonna write that, but I decided to do a comedy one.

Mark: Yeah, that's, really funny. Wow.

What is Mark’s biggest pet peeve?


Will wrote, "Jonathan." Mark wrote, "Will!"

Mark: Yeah!

Will: Right? I'm in the ballpark.

Mark: But they don't know that, so I put you.

What is Will most likely doing when he’s not working on set, in between scenes?


Will wrote, "Operating my churro machine." Mark wrote, "Having sex or smoking weed."

Do you really have a churro machine?

Will: Mmhmm. Oh, yeah!

What would Mark say is the craziest thing that happened while filming Daddy’s Home?


Will wrote, "His discovery and love of Moroccan Oil." Mark wrote, "Pizza party."

Mark: Morrocan oil, that is up there.

Will: What was pizza party??

Mark: Nothing, just for comedy.

Will: Right, right. Really funny.

Mark: Just did a comedy one!

What is Will’s secret talent?


Will wrote, "I have a beautiful singing voice." Mark wrote, "Blowing bubbles."

Mark: You do! I just discovered that today!

Will: Yeah, I know. Secret talent.

Mark: Sing it, sing it man! Oh, Opera, church [music], etc.

Mark: Amazing.

What’s Mark’s favorite Will Ferrell movie?


Will wrote, "Mutagu [Zoolander]." Mark wrote, "Elf!"

Will: Do you see how I spelled it though?

Mark: That's wrong!

Will: I know, Mutagu.


Will: Now you got it!

What’s Will’s favorite Mark Wahlberg movie?


Will wrote, "Boogie Nights." Mark wrote, "Truth About Charlie."

Will: Truth About Charlie?

Mark: Yeah! Let me see what you got.


Between the two of you, who can tell the best dad joke?


Will wrote, "Me." Mark wrote, "Will."

You got it!


Mark: 1 out of 30.

Daddy's Home is in theaters everywhere Friday, December 25!

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