Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Realize They Don't Know Each Other At All

    We put the stars of Daddy's Home to the test.

    Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg compete as ~Best Dad~ in the new comedy Daddy's Home, but when we sat down with hilarious duo, we had them compete to see just how well they actually know each other — in which we learned Will has a churro machine and Mark is a big fan of Elf. Here's what went down.

    What was the first thing Will thought when meeting Mark?

    What was the first thing Mark thought when meeting Will?

    What is Will’s favorite curse word?

    What is Mark’s biggest pet peeve?

    What is Will most likely doing when he’s not working on set, in between scenes?

    What would Mark say is the craziest thing that happened while filming Daddy’s Home?

    What is Will’s secret talent?


    Mark: Amazing.

    What’s Mark’s favorite Will Ferrell movie?

    What’s Will’s favorite Mark Wahlberg movie?

    Between the two of you, who can tell the best dad joke?

    Daddy's Home is in theaters everywhere Friday, December 25!