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It's Time To Ask Kelly Clarkson Your Most Burning Questions

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Kelly Clarkson is not only an insanely talented, iconic pop star, but she's also the newest judge on The Voice. And in celebration of all of those things, we're sitting down with Kelly to ask her everything you've always wanted to know!

Maybe you're curious what actually went down in real life when she finally met Steve Carell?

Perhaps you want to know which fellow judge on The Voice is her favorite to hang out with?

What’s that you were needing in your life? A really long fabric train, a giant crowd, and some choir boys via Kelly… https://t.co/kMaugiDiGx

Or maybe you want to know how she managed to come up with so many songs that were the soundtracks to our lives?

kelly clarkson: "my heart can't possibly break when it wasn't even whole to start with" my 13 y.o ass:

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