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15 Things That Happen When You Go To An Ed Sheeran Concert

You will never be the same again.

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Have you been introduced to the actual angel that descended from heaven to bless us all with beautiful, soulful tunes known by the name of Ed Sheeran?

I recently attended my very first Ed Sheeran show, and these are the thoughts and feelings you might encounter when you go to church.*

*Church is an Ed Sheeran concert.

2. Your heart pounds. Your hands are sweaty. Your ears are on alert. And then, at once, a sweet melody fills the speakers and surrounds you, and you finally feel at home.


3. You stand there, slightly shaking, as you realize that this is actually happening. He's currently singing your favorite songs right there in front of you in the freaking flesh!

6. The next thing you know, you're screaming "GIVE ME LOVE" at the top of your lungs, swaying along with 17,000 other strangers with glistening, tear-filled eyes.

11. But it's not just his incredible voice that has you completely transfixed. The ever-changing backdrop gives you not one but *seven* different Sheerans to lock eyes with.

12. And then he begins "Thinking Out Loud," and his heart-melting music video appears on the screen behind him, and suddenly you feel like you're right there in the video, owning that dance floor right alongside him.

13. As he moves through his entire catalog, busting out all of your favorite tracks, it's finally your moment: He gets the massive crowd involved and you scream out the lyrics like you've never screamed before in your whole damn life.

14. And just as your heart cannot take any more, he begins "Tenerife Sea" and you start crying and aren't sure you'll ever be able to stop.

15. And after nearly two life-changing hours, it all starts to come to an end. YOU ARE NOW A CHANGED PERSON. A rare Sheeran-blessed human. Nothing will ever be the same again.