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"Walking Dead" Cast Members Decide Which Celebs Would Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Find out if Miley Cyrus and Bill Murray would slay the walkers or get turned.

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Chad Coleman (above left) and Michael Cudlitz dominate zombies on The Walking Dead as Tyreese and Abraham Ford, but staying alive in a walker attack isn't an easy feat. The hilarious duo stopped by BuzzFeed NYC to play a little game we like to call "Dead or Alive." Find out if these badass zombie-killing experts think your favorite celebs would make it in a post-apocalyptic world.


Michael Cudlitz: Because she came in like a wrecking ball.

Chad Coleman: Instead of using the screwdriver, she tried to twerk on the zombies.

CC: Aww man, come on. That's easy! Just because.


CC: A walker take you out, boy!

CC: Oh lord. Because my daughter has a crush on him.

CC: 'Cause she can shake it off, shake it off. I saw her at the iHeart Music Festival; the girl can get down on the stage.


CC: There's something about him, I don't know. This ain't Wall Street, man!

MC: He didn't make it off the Titanic and they proved they could've made it on there. So, no.

MC: She'd figure it out.

CC: She'd talk her way out of it. She'd build a network.


CC: Absolutely. I don't think there's anything that guy can't do. I got a man crush on him.

MC: I'm not sure why.

CC: Because she's from Jersey and she's Italian. Walkers, beware.

MC: Much like Oprah, and probably in a different way, she'd figure it out.


CC: Because I said so. He'd be worse than The Governor.

MC: She's kicking ass and taking names.

CC: That girl was in the Hunger Games! She knows how to deal.

CC: I'd like to hope. That is one smart kid.

CC: Oh, yes. The walkers would be distracted.

CC: I'm gonna say dead because I don't need the competition. I wanna see him as a walker. I wanna see Jay Z turn.

CC: Hell no.

MC: Do you know how pleased I am that I have no idea who she is?

MC: She's gonna figure it out.

MC: Why not? He's screwing up; he'll continue to.

CC: I'm a big Ryan Gosling fan.

MC: He'd figure it out too.

CC: Could go either way. Sometimes she gets on my nerves, sometimes she don't.

CC: That's one smart dude.

MC: Steven Yeun said that's who he would want with him in a zombie apocalypse.

CC: Talking about figuring out — she's a fixer in real life!

MC: Could go either way. You want him dead?

CC: Yeah. 'Cause he was supposed to do the Green Hornet and he backed out, so for personal reasons. He robbed me of the experience of making a movie with him.

CC: He'd be all right. He's my inspiration for Tyreese.

MC: He'd figure it out.

CC: Aww, that's my girl. Because she's gonna be president. She'll figure it out.

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