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    U2 Gives Surprise Concert Underground In The NYC Subway

    ~Only in New York~.

    On Monday night, some lucky New York City subway passengers in Grand Central Terminal got the ultimate free concert experience: a surprise performance from U2.

    The band popped underground for an acoustic performance, playing some of their famous hits including "Angel In Harlem."

    Naturally, Jimmy Fallon was spotted in disguise at the mini underground concert โ€” and the whole thing is reportedly set to air on The Tonight Show this Friday night.

    @jimmyfallon and @U2 dressed as street musicians at a subway station at 10p on a Monday! #gottaloveNYC

    Whether or not you're a U2 fan, a free impromptu show from Bono while you're waiting 15 minutes underground for a train that may or may not ever come is pretty damn cool.

    h/t: The Huffington Post