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23 Tweets About T.J.Maxx That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

"Sometimes I just black out and wake up in a Tj Maxx with like 30 things in my shopping cart."


Me: “damn I had a shitty day” Me to me: “spend $30 of money you don’t have at TJ Maxx you fucking fabulous maxxinista”


TJ Maxx cashier: “Did you find everything you were looking for?” *Me unloading full cart* First of all, I wasn’t looking for any of this


I kno its been a divisive couple of yrs but I think the whole nation could use a trip to TJ Maxx; nothing brings people together like a deal


*enters TJ maxx line with one pair of pants* *leaves with a pair of pants, 2 candles, a new charger, exotic plant, new perspective on life*


TJ Maxx says “We believe in style and value, but most of all........ you” and tbh that’s what keeps me going


TJ Maxx should be open 24hrs. Imagine driving around @ 12am w/ your bff and being like “hey lets go smell candles and design our 1st house”!


You don’t go to TJ Maxx looking for something... you have to let TJ Maxx tell you what you’re looking for


tj maxx cures more problems than therapists do.



I hate tj maxx bc I already have 4 blankets on my bed and I just bought two more


I love going to TJ Maxx and buying things I don’t need with money I don’t have


Sometimes I just black out and wake up in a Tj Maxx with like 30 things in my shopping cart


TJ Maxx’s slogan should be “The place where you go to get 1 thing and leave with 5 things and without the 1 thing you needed”


lady @ tjmaxx had 6 carts of stuff she bought & 3 workers helping her fill her already full truck & if that’s not future me idk what is


TJ Maxx, Target, and Hobby Lobby are so dangerous man. Go in for one thing and come out trying to redecorate your bathroom


Went to TJ Maxx yesterday to buy baby shower wrapping paper....left with a cart full of not baby shower wrapping paper 😐


left work early to have a nervous breakdown at tj maxx


my teacher today:”anyone been to the new tj maxx ? it just isn’t a big deal. it’s JUST a tj maxx” right then i almost walked out of class


How do I know it's #FridayThe13th ... I just blacked out @tjmaxx and I have no idea how many candles are in my trun…


Went to TJ Maxx for a $6 notebook and spent $139


I cannot be trusted anywhere near tj maxx unsupervised


I just heard an old woman in TJ Maxx say "I come here for therapy" and I swear I just met my future self


Every time I walk into TJ Maxx I blackout. Walked in looking for candles but left with throw pillows, a frying pan, a new coat, & rose oil.