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22 Tweets For Everyone Still Sobbing After Last Night's "This Is Us"

"One day, in the future, you'll tell your children about these things called 'crockpots' and how they went extinct [one] night in January 2018."


I need to let my boss know I won’t be able to make it to work on Monday, Feb 5th due to a death in the family, Jack Pearson. #ThisIsUs


#ThisIsUs me running into the pearson house trying to save jack knowing he went back in most likely to save the dog


Randall-✔️ Beth-✔️ Tess -✔️ Mom-✔️ Miguel-✔️ Zeke -✔️ Everyone at the manny-✔️ Charlotte-✔️ Sophie-✔️ Dad-…


One day, in the future, you'll tell your children about these things called "crockpots" and how they went extinct o…


Lessons: Change the batteries in your smoke detector regularly; never end a day with things unsaid; and don’t accep…


If yesterday taught me anything, it's that no matter how your day goes, who cares because #ThisIsUs is going to ruin it anyways.


Remember when we were all chomping at the bit to learn how Jack died?!? #ThisIsUs


This is me currently throwing my crockpot away after watching last night’s #ThisIsUs #HowDareYou


Starting last nights #ThisIsUs I had to get a little pre cry in to prepare myself’s like pre partying but wha…


I have a few choice words for these writers 😭😭😭 #ThisIsUs


me running into the kitchen to unplug the crockpot that I don’t have #ThisIsUs


#ThisIsUs fans timeline: Sept 2016: Jack dies? Why, how, when?? I need answers!! January 2018: Nope no don't want…


#ThisIsUs The biggest dilemma now will be how to clear the house of Super Bowl party guests so I can bawl my eyes o…


I woke up with puffy eyes and a fear of crockpots ... thanks, #ThisIsUs


Miguel: I’m the most hated character on #ThisIsUs. George: Hold my crockpot. #bindasladki @QuotesShare


Am I the only one who was so touched by Jack cleaning up the kitchen? Quietly, carefully, lovingly. Then he left Ke…


Me watching the crockpot bring it all together #ThisIsUs


Me: I want to know how Jack died. Teaser: All of your questions will be answered. Me:.... #ThisIsUs


"I'll talk to him tomorrow" WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?! #ThisIsUs


When you go to remove the crock pot off your wedding registry after last nights #ThisIsUs episode but someone has a…


If Jack Pearson dies saving the family dog, he will have ruined all other men for me from now until the end of time. #ThisIsUs


Thank you George, your crockpot lasted 17 years with a broken knob but it killed the greatest man to ever live on earth #ThisIsUs

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