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Troian Bellisario Is Directing An Episode Of "PLL" And It's All Very Emotional

Queen of directing.

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A few months ago, Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario tweeted about her dream of one day directing an episode of the show.

And today, we have all learned one thing:


Troian recently announced her dream was finally becoming a reality (!!), and she was set to direct episode #715 from season 7B.

Instagram: @sleepinthegardn

And today, that episode officially kicked off with a table read and Troian taking the director's seat.

Instagram: @sleepinthegardn

Naturally, her co-stars were really damn proud of her.

Instagram: @lucyhale

So proud, in fact, that they all took to every form of social media to share their excitement over day one of Director Bellisario.

And of course, the rest of the fandom was freaking the hell out.

When the fandom found out about Troian directing..👏🤗❤️ #GOODLUCKTROIAN @SleepintheGardn

troian sitting in front of the liars since she's directing an episode of pll and her friends clapping for her I'm

Things were very emotional.

"guess who's directing this episode!" they moved Troian's place beside the other directors I'm so emotional😭❤️

troian is directing her co-stars of 7 years can you believe it i'm highkey emotional

The girls all posted something for Troian's directing debut during the table read. This is so cute 😭

And everyone was hella proud.

I love how happy, supportive, and proud all the girls are of Troian directing. We need more women supporting other women in this world! #PLL

Can you believe Troian invented directing

Congrats, Troian! Keep slAying.

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