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    13 Reasons Life Would Be Better In Halloweentown

    It's time to live our truth.

    Let's all get one thing straight: Halloweentown is the most important part of October.

    And after you've finished watching all four movies in the series approximately three times, you will likely come down with an immediate urge to pack up your belongings and hop on the flying bus.

    I call this Halloweentownitis. And it's cured by living your best life as the one true witch you were meant to be. Here are a few reasons to start packing your bags.

    1. It's fall year-round. THE BEST SEASON ALL YEAR-ROUND.

    Where is it fall all the time? Halloweentown? I need to move there.

    2. You get to enjoy the classic seasonal flavoring of pumpkin whenever you damn please. No more of this "waiting until fall" nonsense.

    I wanna move to Halloween Town bc everyday is Halloween aka there will always be pumpkin spice flavors available all the zamn time!!!!

    3. They have chic and edgy microwaves.

    4. You get to be driven around by skeleton taxi drivers who could also double as comedians. Skeleton Taxi drivers > Uber.

    I want to move to Halloweentown and be driven around in a taxi who's driver is a Skelton and have a grandma who's an OG witchπŸŽƒπŸπŸ‘»πŸ‚

    5. You'll be in a place where being ~weird~ and ~unique~ is truly celebrated.

    6. You can finally live amongst your people.

    I'll move to Halloween town. I would fit right in with the monsters

    *Paging Lady Gaga*

    7. You'll get to live in an environment with near-perfect temperatures ALL THE TIME.

    I'm gonna move to a place that's between 55 and 75 year round.... Halloweentown would be a good place to start

    8. Cooking will generally be a lot easier so you can finally lighten up on that Seamless bill.

    (Or more work, depending on who's doing the magic.)

    9. You can finally get the witch powers you've been dreaming of your whole life, suddenly making the task of cleaning your apartment a whole lot damn easier.

    Well tomorrow begins the annual month-long daydream that I actually live in Halloweentown and things move because I tell them to

    10. Everyone from all walks of life will live together in harmony.

    11. You get to attend Witch University, because a Broomsticks class > Calculus.

    i've decided to move to halloweentown and go to witch university once i graduate

    12. You'll be surrounded by people who finally just GET YOU.

    13. And most importantly, you get to celebrate Halloween 365 days a year. πŸŽƒ πŸ™

    Low key want to move to Halloween town so it's Halloween everyday βœŒπŸΌοΈπŸ˜…β€οΈ

    It's time to catch that damn bus.

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