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    26 Tweets About "This Is Us" That Say Exactly What You're Thinking

    Forever sobbing.

    Since This Is Us came into our lives, every Tuesday like clockwork has become a night of loudly sobbing while clutching approximately three to five tissues in each hand.

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    Here are just a few tweets that accurately describe the roller coaster of emotions we all experience while watching our new favorite TV show.


    Whenever people ask me what #ThisIsUs is about, I say emotions just emotions.


    I was married to her for 53 yrs & I buried her...she was my life #ThisIsUs


    Just watched the first episode of #ThisIsUs. Brb, gotta change the air filters. IT'S DUSTY UP IN HERE.


    Don't ever watch an episode of @NBCThisisUs at your desk while at work.....If you do, you'll have to explain why you're crying. #ThisIsUs


    When you meet other people who watch #ThisIsUs


    I am going to start NOT wearing mascara on tuesdays, not even the waterproof kind! Can't wait for tonight's episode of #ThisIsUs


    I know there's more to the story, but I am every time I see Miguel on #ThisIsUs I'm like:


    So this is what happens a TV show rips your still beating heart right out of your chest and shows it to you. #ThisIsUs



    Halfway into the new #ThisIsUs episode and I'm just like


    THE BEST SHOW ON TV RIGHT NOW HANDS DOWN IS "THIS IS US". If you haven't watched it yet u r missing the best hr of ur life!!!!#ThisIsUs


    "ma'am this is a liquor store" "i know but it says liquor and more so where's the more?" REBECCA IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. #ThisIsUs @NBCThisisUs


    About to start tonight's #ThisIsUs. Promise me you'll look away if I start weeping. Okay, okay. When I start weeping.


    The fact that Jack wants to get back to Rebecca in spite of her being a hormonal mess and forgetting his Birthday? COME ON. #ThisIsUs


    I need to get myself a man like Jack or convince @MiloVentimiglia that I'm his real life Rebecca. #ThisIsUs


    Me right now #ThisIsUs @TheMandyMoore @MiloVentimiglia @justinhartley


    #ThisIsUs: the reason why your full box of Kleenex becomes damn near empty by the end of each episode.


    Why, oh why do u do that to me @NBCThisisUs ? Every damn week I'm a blubbering mess. Can we just give Gerald McRaney an Emmy now. #ThisIsUs


    Oh my god 😭 #ThisIsUs so many feels! What an episode! Take the most sour lemons and make lemonade.


    I don't often cry while watching TV but when I do it's on Tuesdays watching @NBCThisisUs. Thanks, Dr. K. #ThisIsUs


    Each person who enters our life, no matter how briefly, help to shape our futures. Best show ever. #ThisIsUs @NBCThisisUs


    Thought I would never forgive @TheMandyMoore for how she treated Mia Thermopolis but Rebecca makes up for it. #ThisIsUs 😂


    Jack and Rebecca = Relationship goals #ThisIsUs


    Finally watching #ThisIsUs Nobody warned me...


    #ThisIsUs is maybe the sweetest show on television right now. Cheesy as it may be, every week my heart feels just a little bit warmer


    #ThisIsUs should have a disclaimer : Warning...watching this show will cause involuntary sobs, puffy eyes, wine consumption and sighs #Icry

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