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12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The "Shadowhunters" Cast

In which we learn Dominic Sherwood is quite the prankster on set.

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Fans of the bestselling book series The Mortal Instruments are about to have their lives made, because the famous novels are now being brought to life with the brand new show Shadowhunters — a fantasy series about human-angel hybrids who hunt down demons. In celebration of the premiere, the cast stopped by BuzzFeed NY to play a little game of cast superlatives. Here's what we learned.

Most Likely to get caught taking a selfie?

Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Alberto Rosende, Emeraude Toubia: Kat!

Katherine: Me.

Matthew Daddario: Em! We think Em for sure.

Emeraude: Me?!

Isaiah Mustafa: [Kat] is good at doing it, but [Emeraude] does it more.

Dominic: Wait, I also feel like Em very often is not taking a Snapchat, she's like, reviewing herself. It's not a selfie, it's a mirror.

Emeraude: Guys, there are certain things we don't say on camera! Just kidding.

Most likely to be found at craft services?


Dominic: Alberto.

Everyone: Yeah, Alberto.

Harry Shum Jr.: Matt, too! He sneaks them — he goes in and gets out.

Isaiah: Very stealthy.

Most likely to initiate a post-work hangout?

Matthew: Isaiah.

Isaiah: I don't know, I'd say Dom.

Dominic: Isaiah does a lot, yeah.

Matthew: Isaiah is the most likely to try and get everyone together.

Isaiah: I'm lonely.

Emeraude: For example when I don't feel like going out, Isaiah's like, "Come on, let's all hangout." So he like motivates us to go out. He makes sure we stay together.

Biggest Troublemaker?

Everyone: Dom!

Dominic: WHAT?!

Matthew: It's not even a question!

Emeraude: He actually tied up Kat to her trailer, so.

Katherine: Both my hands and my legs were taped to my trailer.

Most likely to randomly break out in song?


Matthew: Alberto.

Isaiah: I'd say Alberto.

Alberto: Really? I think were all pretty good at it. Emeraude sings all the time.

Matthew: How do you define "song"? Because repeating the same line over and over again in various tunes...

Emeraude: If you want a nice singing voice, it's mine. If you want a bad one, it's Alberto's. I'm joking! I sing so bad.

Matthew: Hunny, that boy's got a beautiful voice!

Katherine: Alberto sings on the show, you guys will hear it.

Most likely to brighten your day?

Katherine: Alberto. Alberto's the happy one!

Dominic: [Matthew] will brighten my day in like a dark way, if that makes any sense.

Katherine: That's very true! That's exactly right.

Dominic: Dark humor, especially in like, anything past midnight [Matthew] is the one who will brighten my day. But during the day, it would be Alberto.

Matthew: I brighten the night?

Dominic: You brighten the night.

Katherine: You're the moon. [Alberto] is the sun.

Most likely to show everyone pictures of their cat or dog?

Emeraude: Dom and Kat, both of them.

Alberto: Dom.

Dominic: What!

Harry: Kat. But we've seen Kat's dog.

Katherine: Well, my dog came to set.

Dominic: Kat flew her dog from LA to Toronto.

Matthew: Yeah, but I've seen Rowdy about 80,000 times.

Dominic: You like it, don't lie!

Matthew: I do like it.

Dominic: You request it.

Emeraude: [Dominic] just got a new dog [named Boo] and it's beautiful too. He sends us pictures.

Katherine: We love Boo.

Biggest prankster on set?

Katherine: Dom. 100%.

Harry: This guy [Dom]. He's winning some awards right now.

Isaiah: I feel like I could take the lead in that, but when you're dealing with a lot of young people you've gotta let them develop on their own. You gotta let them do their own thing.

Dom: Isaiah's got me more than anyone else.

Isaiah: I'm just saying, my pranks are very calculated. That's all.

Dom: Very calculated, like hidden camera pranks.

Katherine: We never see them coming, at all.

Best dancer?

Katherine: Harry, of course. It's not a question.

Alberto: We all have our one move.

Katherine: Do I have a move?

Dominic: Harry's probably the one with like a list of moves though.

Harry: [Emeraude's] showing some moves.

Emeraude: Yeah but they don't compare to your moves.

Biggest texting addict?

Harry: Hold on, is it texting or Googling? We've got a big Googler.

[Everyone points at Matthew]

Matthew: In all honesty then, everyone goes back to the chair [and] has their face buried in their phone.

Emeraude: You are always on your phone.

Matthew: You're always on the phone talking to people!

Emeraude: Yes, I do talk to my family a lot. But you're always [on your phone.]

Katherine: He's the resident researcher, the Googler. He's the source of information.

Dominic: Yeah the amount of times I've seen Matt look at his phone for four or five minutes and we change subjects and he goes, "[Looks at phone] Oh, this is fascinating. This is fascinating!"

Most likely to laugh during takes?

Katherine: It always starts with one of us, and then it just ripples.

Matthew: Honestly, Dom and I are probably the worst.

Dominic: We're the worst, when we're in our scenes together.

Matthew: I don't think I ever laugh with any of the other ones.

Dominic: Harry's character is so hilarious that he'll get me every time.

Emeraude: Dom says a joke before the scene starts and then he expects you to be, like, with a serious face. No, it doesn't happen.

Biggest flirt?

Isaiah: I mean, I guess me.

Matthew: Yeah, what are we talking about. Isaiah! Isaiah has hit on each of us.

Isaiah: I'm just saying, I don't stop.

Dominic: So there's, like, flirting, and there's being charming. So I don't know, there's like a fine line between those two.

Matthew: I think he's managed to sort of melt the line.

Dominic: Into a single type of thing — the Isaiah.

Matthew: You have to tell people also, you know, he says these things. He says things he'll be like, "By god, don't you look beautiful today." And the women are like, "Oh, wow."

Dominic: Not just the women, by the way.

Matthew: But then I have to tell them, "Don't listen to him! It's flattery, it's not real." And then they catch him saying it to someone else and they're like, "My god," you know?

Dominic: Devastated.

Harry: They feel cheated.

Shadowhunters premieres Tuesday, January 12 at 9pm ET on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family.








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