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21 Thoughts Everyone Who Goes To Barre Class Will Understand

"The Adele song at the end of my barre class was convenient, so I could play off my tears of pain as just deep emotions."

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1. That slight feeling of fear and confusion when you get ready to take your very first class.

i've yet to read a description of a barre class that doesn't seem like it was written by a space alien

2. When you try to persuade yourself to show up because you know you're gonna be happy about it but also you wanna cry.

Trying to get pumped for this Pure Barre class before I chicken out and just go shopping instead

3. When you haven't been to class in a few weeks and have that very real pre-barre fear.

About to do my first barre class in awhile. So, it was nice knowing you.

4. When you gotta stop and mentally take a few deep breaths to psych yourself up for what's to come.

5. When you accidentally have a bit of mistaken confidence.

Me to me: I danced for 15 years, I can go to Michael's barre class and be fine it'll be fine no biggie My legs:

6. When you're running late to class and can't find two grippy socks to save your life.

"Where are my yellow @Pure_Barre socks?!" - me for the rest of my long and sad life

7. When you're in a new class and have zero idea what you're doing or what's coming next but you're just going with it.

8. That moment when you've reached the end of your rope and then the instructor is like, "NOW HOLD FOR EIGHT!!!"

Barre class be like, "oh, you're gonna die? NOW PULSE IT!"

9. When you casually look over in the mirror while tucking and feel sassy AF.

10. When the instructor tells everyone to go into their splits and you just lightly laugh to yourself.

i just did a barre class with neve campbell and in case you're wondering, she can do the full split

11. When you accidentally sign up for an extended barre class and regret everything.

Oh god. A 20 min longer barre class doesn't seem much extra until you're doing a plank at 65 mins and your abs say NOPE FUCK THIS.

12. When you can't tell if it's sweat rolling down your cheek or actual tears.

The Adele song at the end of my barre class was convenient, so I could play off my tears of pain as just deep emotions

13. When you finally get back into the swing of things and forget just how bad the morning after is gonna be...

First Barre class of the year got me like...

14. ...or even just five minutes after, when your legs forget how to leg...

15. ...and your only hope is to just casually drag your body across the floor because moving your feet just isn't gonna happen.

Me coming out of Barre class today...

16. When someone tries to undermine the badass work that goes down in 60 minutes at the barre.

17. When this is the only solution you can think of to get through the day.

p.s. i want to cut my butt off because i took a barre class yesterday & i can hardly walk now.

18. That moment when you push through the pain and walk around feeling like a damn fitness model...

19. ...and you're ready to show off your shiny new 18-pack.

20. Every time you glimpse in the mirror after class and feel strong AF.

21. But mostly, that elated feeling of walking out of barre like you're the new damn Swan Queen.

May our love/hate relationship with barre never end. ❤️

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