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Feb 9, 2018

Someone Give Bermuda A Gold Medal For Wearing Bermuda Shorts To The Opening Ceremony

"Impressed with small Bermuda contingent wearing Bermuda shorts in 32 degree temperatures, very on brand."

Some things never change: water is wet, the sun continues to rise, and Bermuda athletes wear Bermuda shorts to the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

I love how no matter what, Bermuda always wears Bermuda shorts for the #OpeningCeremony that is a bold choice in 0°c

Even when it's the Winter Olympics, 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and everyone else is bundled up in approximately seven different layers.

For the 3rd straight Winter Games, cross-country skier Tucker Murphy is #BER’s only athlete. No matter the season,…

So when the Bermuda delegation walked during the Parade of Nations in their iconic Bermuda shorts, people had a lot of feelings.

They were concerned about their freezing legs...

OMG. Bermuda is wearing Bermuda shorts! It’s 32℉ there! They are going to be so cold! #OpeningCeremony

Bermudashorts at temperatures below 0° - I hope they don't freeze their knees off... #Ber #OpeningCeremony #Olympics

Damn... These athletes from Bermuda are either insanely tough or forgot to check the weather❄️ #OpeningCeremony

...hella impressed over their dedicated sartorial choice...

The team from Bermuda wearing actual Bermuda SHORTS in freezing weather for the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olym…

Impressed with small Bermuda contingent wearing Bermuda shorts in 32 degree temperatures, very on brand #OpeningCeremony

Oh man, much respect for the one athlete from Bermuda braving the Bermuda shorts when everyone else is wearing abou…

Watching the #OpeningCeremony and hands down loving #Bermuda for walking out in Bermuda Shorts in the freezing weat…

...and mostly thought Bermuda deserved an Olympics Ceremony gold medal.

So it’s about 20 degrees here in #Pyeongchang and a windchill in single digits but the team from Bermuda is wearing…

Give all the awards to Team Bermuda for wearing bermuda shorts in the frigid cold. ##pyeongchang2018

The team from Bermuda coming out it -20 temps wearing Bermuda shorts have won these games already #OpeningCeremony

I think we all know the Bermudan delegation are the real badasses in this weather. #bermudashorts #Bermuda #PyeongChang2018 #olympics

In conclusion:

Bermuda is hard core!!! Rockin shorts for the opening ceremony!!! Two degrees in Korea!!! I hope they win whatever…

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