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    There Was Another Mini "Gossip Girl" Reunion And It Was Truly Beautiful


    Earlier this year, our hearts were treated to a beautiful mini Gossip Girl reunion when a few of our favorites met up after the Oscars.

    With Nate, Lily, Georgina, and Vanessa all back together again, it was the perfect reminder of simpler times when S and Queen B were the true rulers of Manhattan.

    And last night the cast was at it once again, as some of your favorite Upper East Siders — Lily, CeCe, and Bruce Caplan — reunited at a Broadway show.

    Mom and daughter back together once again. 😭 👭 ✨

    And as if our hearts could take anymore, Kelly Rutherford (aka Lily van der Woodsen) then posted this A+ life motto on Instagram.

    Now, can you please just all reunite together so the world can finally be right and our hearts can be whole once again???