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    A Brief Reminder That Norman Reedus Is Really Damn Fine

    Yes, Daryl. Yes.

    Yes, we've all fallen in love with The Walking Dead fan-favorite Daryl that Norman Reedus absolutely kills on a weekly basis.

    But he's been slaying it for decades, including a brief period of high fashion modeling, in which he was in a damn Prada campaign.

    Thanks to Details, we're getting a reminder of his days-of-modeling-past on the cover of their November issue.

    Mark Seliger for Details


    He has a tender, touching embrace with this beautiful creature.

    Mark Seliger for Details

    He chills casually in a stable looking like the equestrian of your dreams.

    Mark Seliger for Details

    He ponders softly in the dim light next to his new babe.

    Mark Seliger for Details

    And generally makes your heart skip approximately 15 beats.

    Mark Seliger for Details

    See more of Norman's πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ Details interview here.

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