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Posted on Oct 9, 2015

The "PLL" Cast Reveals What Their Characters Are Like Five Years In The Future

"Hanna’s super fun. She traveled the world, she’s working in fashion like Devil Wears Prada."

While PLL fans have been *attempting* to patiently wait for Season 6B to see the highly-anticipated reveal of the girls' five-year time jump, we're now a tiny bit closer. The cast debuted the first four minutes of January's premiere episode this morning at New York Comic Con, where we finally got a glimpse into what their lives will be like after life in Rosewood.

The cast sat down to reveal even more juicy details about what their characters are up to five years in the future — and it's gonna make you seriously wish we could fast-forward to January right this second.

Ashley Benson said Hanna has basically become Andy from The Devil Wears Prada.

"Hanna’s super fun. She traveled the world, she’s working in fashion like Devil Wears Prada."

Troian Bellisario said she got to decide what to do with Spencer's hair — which resulted in those ~much talked about~ bangs.

"It was a funny thing where everybody was like, you can do whatever with your hair! I’m like, okay! I don’t even know what that would be — what, like, I’m gonna go with like bright red or something? No, it’s Spencer. So I had to put my dreams of lavender hair away. Mostly it was very exciting because I feel like, you know, Spencer's a really intelligent character and she hasn't realized her full potential. So to have her flash forward and be so successful in her career and get to be in a completely different world, a political world, was very exciting for me."

Lucy Hale — whose character Aria becomes a publisher and picks up a copy of Ezra’s book in the trailer for Season 6B — says that Ezra & Aria will always be in each other’s lives.

"As of now I don’t know if I can say where they’re at status-wise, but you know, I think they’ll always be in each other’s lives — it’s complicated!"

Sasha Pieterse says Alison followed in Ezra’s footsteps, literally.

"I think it’s actually just really ironic that she’s a teacher, in the same classroom that Ezra was teaching in. I think she loves these girls, and they’re just such a big part of her life, and I think it’s kinda surreal that they’re not there. But also, Charlotte is there, and so I think she’s rebuilding her family — what’s left of it. I love her story. I was surprised that I was gonna be a teacher. I was kind of thrown off guard, wasn’t sure where she was going but I didn’t think it was gonna be a teacher. The more I play her as a teacher, the more I got it. I think it’s very special and I think you guys are gonna love it. It’s really fun to reinvent our characters."

And Shay Mitchell revealed that Emily may or may not have moved to California for Paige.

"She moves West, she goes to Pepperdine. We always spoke about Emily wanting to go to California, and Paige left and went to California so that could be maybe a little reason..."


*Prays for a time machine to fast-forward to January*

Watch the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars January 12 on ABC Family.

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