The "PLL" Cast Just Had Their Final Table Read And Everyone Is Emotional AF


    As they start to film the final episode of the series, the cast of Pretty Little Liars completed their last table read yesterday.

    Last PLL table read ever today. I'm not emotionally prepared.

    It was, naturally, insanely emotional.

    It was special and magical.

    I wish all of u could've been sitting in on that table read. That was something magical and special and sad. We love you guys so much.

    And it involved a hell of a lot of tears.

    So many tears that each cast member was gifted their own box of tissues.

    😭 😭 😭

    And I'm personally gonna need about five boxes myself just after looking at these heartbreaking, sob-inducing photos.

    After experiencing seven long, beautiful years, the PLL army is feeling REALLY DAMN EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW.

    @shaymitch Mood because it's the last table read #PLL

    It's truly the end of an erA.

    The last table read of Pretty Little Liars is today.. No more BTS No more sashay or buttahbenzo or lucian No more…

    And while all good things must come to an end, WE ARE NOT READY!!!!

    Better start stocking up on some tissues, ice cream, and bottles of wine now.