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16 Things You Never Knew About The Cast Of "The Hunger Games"

Willow Shields — aka Primrose Everdeen — shares hilarious on-set secrets.

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Willow Shields first stole your heart in The Hunger Games when Katniss risked her life to save her little sister from the Reaping, and Primrose Everdeen is back to tug at your heartstrings once again in the last and final installment, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2.

Shields stopped by BuzzFeed New York to chat all about the highly anticipated final film of the franchise, reveal just exactly what goes down on set with her hella hilarious castmates, and dish out some perfect cast superlatives. Here's what went down.

1. Who is most likely to be found at craft services?

Willow Shields: Obvious answer: Jennifer. That’s where we would spend most of our time in all, honestly. Even if we were trying to be healthy, once we ended up at craft service that went out the window very quickly. Full of beef jerky, and everything you could ever imagine. Lots of doughnuts, things like that.

2. Who is most likely to be late to set?


WS: Hmm, interesting. Probably, Josh. And I'm just saying that because he’s usually goofing off outside by his trailer doing something with some sort of Frisbee or ball, so that's probably who’s most likely.

3. Who is most likely to take the longest to get ready?

WS: Usually the people who take the longest are the people who have to wear wigs, because that takes forever to put on. I’d be in the trailer for like 30 minutes and then I’m out of there. People like Julianne Moore — she had to wear a wig and contacts on set, so I think she took the longest. I never saw Effie transform in the trailer, so I'm sure she took the longest, but I never witnessed it.

4. Who is most likely to forget a line?

WS: Yours truly. [laughs] Partially because we change the lines so often that I end up forgetting what the new line is while we’re on set.

5. Who is most likely to nail a take the first time?


WS: I think we can all agree it’s always the people in the room who have Oscars. I mean, there was a few of them! We had Jennifer Lawrence, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore. Of course they’re going to nail it on the first take.

6. Who is most likely to be found napping between scenes?

WS: I think Liam is the one you find napping between scenes, yes. I mean everybody is napping between scenes, but Liam specifically for sure. [laughs]

7. Who is most likely to pull a prank on set?


WS: I think Josh. He’s obsessed with it — he’s just constantly scheming up ideas to embarrass other people. There’s so many stories. I’ve been a part of this series for five years, and there are so many that they just drown together. There’s not that much pranking that goes on anymore, but there’s a lot of just, like, embarrassing stories being told on set all the time.

8. Who is most likely to be caught taking a selfie?

WS: The person that takes a lot of selfies on set is Jen. But they’re really funny — they’re never like, I'm so pretty. They're just like, I wanna look as stupid as possible in this photo.

9. Who is most likely to break character?


WS: Honestly, probably Woody Harrelson. Because I remember specifically filming a scene with him and Jen. Jen, her sole purpose in life is to try and make people laugh in the middle of a scene. That’s why she’s there, to make you laugh.

And so for me and Woody, we would just break down in the middle of the scene. Like he was in the corner on the ground like dying of laughter because of Jen.

10. Who is most likely to initiate a hangout after work?

WS: I think Jen, even though she’s the one who works more than everybody else. She's still interested in hanging out with everybody after work. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s pretty cool.

11. Who is most likely to brighten your day?

WS: I filmed like all of my scenes with Jen, so I’m like, I think Jen brightens my day more than anybody else. I think she brightens everybody’s day, right? You just see a photo of her and you’re just like, that brightened my day!

12. Who is most fearless on set?

WS: Probably Liam — I feel like he really goes for it, and he actually really wants to do all of his own stunts. So it’s really cool to watch, 'cause he's totally involved and he just goes for it.

13. Who is the best at improv?

WS: Oh my god, these are all Jen! Actually, we never did much improv on set. It was kind of like, because of the books we had to stay so close that we had to have set lines. But Jen is definitely the one who will crack a joke in the middle of a scene. Like if she isn't mic’ed, she will be telling jokes to me in my ear while I’m on camera just to make me laugh. It’s not fair!

14. Who is most likely to take home a piece of their wardrobe?

WS: I remember Jena Malone always loved to take home pieces of her wardrobe on set. She would always be like, "Willow, you should take something too!" And I’d be like, "I’m too scared — I don’t want to!"

15. Who is most likely to get scared easily?

WS: I think I get scared the easiest. Every day on set, people would jump around the corner and I’d just scream in the middle of the warehouse. And everybody’s like, "Who’s dying?” And I’m like, "It’s Jen jumping around the corner scaring me…"

16. Who is the best at doing impressions of another cast member?

WS: Jen! I swear, Jen can do the best impressions of anybody. Especially Liam with his Australian accent. She gets that like deep throat thing going and she can do the Australian accent, she can do anything. I mean she’s really good at impersonating anybody you ask her to.

Anyone in particular that she's really good at?

WS: I feel like she just does weird voices all the time. When she’s having a conversation with you all of a sudden you’re like, "Are you like some character from Cartoon Network now?" Like I don’t understand, but I kind of love it.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 opens in theaters everywhere Nov. 20.


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