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The "Gossip Girl" Cast Reunited At The Oscars And It Was Perfect

Your favorite Upper East Siders, together again. XOXO.

We all remember Gossip Girl, the flawless show that inspired millions across the globe to move to NYC to live the Blair and Serena way of life.

And say daily prayers that we'd meet our very own Chuck Bass or Nate Archibald while galavanting across the Upper East Side.

The days when Queen B ruled the UES were truly a treasured time.

And while we've all missed our favorite New York socialites, some of the cast finally made the world right again and had a mini reunion after the Oscars.

And it was almost too much for our little hearts to bear.

Oh, and as if it couldn't get any more perfect, Lily and Rufus are basically a couple IRL.

h/t E! News

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