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    Nov 11, 2014

    The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift's Hottest Music Video Boyfriends

    From hot to holy-freaking-hot.

    13. Clayton Collins in "Tim McGraw."

    Who he is: Clayton was an actor cast in Taylor's video back in the day, but not much can be found on him now. Although it appears that he may or may not be working at NBC now.

    Why he's hot: He has piercing blue eyes, and he's got that whole ~makeout in a pool~ thing down pretty well.

    12. Justin Sandy in "Picture To Burn."

    Who he is: Justin is a retired NFL player who dabbled in acting when he wasn't on the field for the Tennessee Titans.

    Why he's hot: He's a 6-foot tall, successful, hunky football player.

    11. Zach Gilford in "Ours."

    Who he is: Zach is an American actor, who got his big break as Matt on Friday Night Lights.

    Why he's hot: As Taylor says, he always "brings heart" to everything he does on-screen, which makes for one heart-melting babe.

    10. Lucas Till in "You Belong With Me."

    Who he is: Lucas is an American actor, probably most known for his role in the very important Hannah Montana movie (and he was also was in X-Men).

    Why he's hot: He looks great in a tux, he's got that boyband swoopy hair you wanna run your hands through, and he's generally just really adorable.

    9. Toby Hemingway in "Mine."

    Who he is: Toby is a British actor, mostly known for his role in The Covenant.

    Why he's hot: He looks great in a pair of rolled-up jeans, he's got some hot tatts, and apparently likes to take long walks on the beach. A+ boyfriend material.

    8. Vladimir Perrin in "Begin Again"

    Who he is: Not much is known about the mystery man, except that he's a french actor and model.

    Why he's hot: He has beautifully coiffed hair, suave good looks, and is basically your dream French boyfriend come to life.

    7. Tyler Hilton in "Teardrops On My Guitar."

    Who he is: Tyler is a singer-songwriter and actor, who met Swift while stopping by her meet and greet at her show.

    Why he's hot: Besides the fact that he's tall, dark and handsome, he shows off some major acting chops on One Tree Hill, and will make you swoon with his acoustic jams.

    6. Reeve Carney in "I Knew You Were Trouble"

    Who he is: Reeve is a singer-songwriter and actor, previously starring as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark on Broadway.

    Why he's hot: He's got that dangerous indie-boy-of-your-dreams look — and most importantly, he's Spider Man.

    5. Stephen Colletti in "White Horse"

    Who he is: Stephen (formerly of Laguna Beach fame) is an actor and TV personality.

    Why he's hot: I mean, it's Stephen Colletti. He's the Laguna Beach BF of your dreams. No further explanation necessary.

    4. Guntars Asmanis in "Back To December."

    Who he is: Guntars is a model from Latvia, who's strutted his stuff for Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu, to name a few.

    Why he's hot: He's a tall, beautiful model with an accent. Also he wears a scarf really well, which is important.

    3. Justin Gaston in "Love Story."

    Who he is: Justin is a singer, actor and model, who got his big debut on the reality tv singing show Nashville Star, and dated this one girl named Miley Cyrus.

    Why he's hot: He's got a swoon-worthy voice and 18th-century charming good looks, so he's basically Mr. Darcy IRL.

    2. Sean O'Pry in "Blank Space"

    Who he is: Sean is a male model — the *highest* paid male model in 2013, to be exact.

    Why he's hot: He's a strong contender for "most beautiful jawline," he was a fan of T.Swift's classic jam "Tim McGraw," and he loves cuddling puppies.

    1. Noah Mills in "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

    Who he is: Noah is a Canadian model and actor.

    Why he's hot: He's walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana and is fascinated by "sustainable modern architecture" — so basically he's ridiculously beautiful *AND* smart. #MARRYME

    1. Which Taylor Swift video do *you* think has the hottest boyfriend?
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    Which Taylor Swift video do *you* think has the hottest boyfriend?
      vote votes
      We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Noah Mills
      vote votes
      Love Story - Justin Gaston
      vote votes
      Teardrops On My Guitar - Tyler Hilton
      vote votes
      Back To December - Guntars Asmanis
      vote votes
      Blank Space - Sean O'Pry
      vote votes
      White Horse - Stephen Colletti
      vote votes
      Mine - Toby Hemingway
      vote votes
      I Knew You Were Trouble - Reeve Carney
      vote votes
      Begin Again - Vladimir Perrin
      vote votes
      You Belong With Me - Lucas Till
      vote votes
      Tim McGraw - Clayton Collins
      vote votes
      Ours - Zach Gilford
      vote votes
      Picture To Burn - Justin Sandy

    Did we leave out *your* favorite T.Swift music video BF? Share your vote in the comments!

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