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The Best Twitter Reactions To "Gilmore Girls" Coming To Netflix

"I might as well just quit my job now."

The Netflix gods have finally given us what we all deserve: EVERY SINGLE SEASON OF GILMORE GIRLS — and naturally, the internet had a lot to say about it.

This person finally found a reason to use vacation days:

Gilmore Girls on @Netflix??? Time to start using those vacation and personal/sick days! #gilmoregirls

This person acknowledges what we're all thinking:

Gilmore Girls on Netflix is more important than the iPhone 6 launch. There, I said it.

This person feels sorry for all the fellas out there:

Terrible news for boyfriends everywhere (AMAZING NEWS for everyone else): Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix

This person is saying RIP to her hygiene:

Oh man, Netflix is going to have the entire run of Gilmore Girls? This isn't going to be good for my productivity. Or my hygiene. Or my life

This person is feeling #blessed:

All 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix is one of the many ways Jesus affirms his love for me. PRAISE HIM

This person just can't even:


This person is ready to fail out of college:

I'm just preparing myself to fail out of college in October due to the fact that Netflix is getting Gilmore Girls. My life is made.

This person is now busy forever so don't even ASK:

Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix. Please don't speak to me after October 1st, I'm v busy (indefinitely).

And this person is ready to quit her job:

i mean i might as well just quit my job now bc come oct 1 i won't want to do anything except watch gilmore girls on @netflix

So basically, we're all pretty much like this: