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    20 Times "The Mindy Project" Just Totally Got You

    "My body is very attracted to your body, but when you speak my brain gets angry."

    1. When Mindy understood the life-altering pain of losing your iPhone:

    2. When Mindy admitted to being a Harry girl:

    3. When Danny agreed that life would be a lot better if we didn't have to wear pants:

    4. When Mindy set the haters straight:

    5. When Mindy tried to explain that brains > abs:

    6. When Mindy shut down foolish ideas:

    7. When Danny tried to be ~pop culture savvy~ and Mindy was like #no:

    8. When Mindy was the leader of the hot mess express:

    9. When Mindy understood the true value of television:

    10. When Jeremy gave *perfect* dating advice:

    11. When Mindy gave some straight-up kitchen realness:

    12. When Mindy dropped some major dating truth bombs:

    13. When Mindy reminded you of your 16-year-old impulsive tattoo idea:

    14. When Danny busted a move to your Aaliyah life anthem:

    15. When she spoke about the real struggles of dating:

    16. When Mindy made you realize that you are your biggest champion:

    17. When Mindy kept it real about her food choices:

    18. When Danny tried to understand social media:


    19. When Mindy set out to find her Kanye:

    20. When Mindy spoke about her one true love: