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The 20 Most Charitable Celebs Of 2014

The biggest stars who used their fame for social good — putting the spotlight on everything from feminism to LGBT rights.

For the third year, — the not-for-profit organization for young people and social change — has announced their Celebs Gone Good list.

The big list highlights your favorite celebs who aren't only dominating the pop charts and blowing up the big screen, they're using their star power for social change. Yet another reason to fall in love with your idols all over again.

20. Justin Bieber

Why he's awesome: While it seems like the Biebs had a lot of not-so-great moments in 2014 (never forget his famous mugshot), he also did a lot of good this year, granting "over 200 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and joined #CardsForDanny to send birthday wishes to a boy battling cancer."

19. Mindy Kaling

Why she's awesome: Badass and hilarious Mindy Kaling inspires us all on the daily by writing, producing, and starring in her hit show The Mindy Project, and she used the show to make a difference by "auctioning off a The Mindy Project script to raise money for Rosie's Theater Kids."

18. Lebron James

Why he's awesome: Aside from killing it on the court, Lebron helps out his hometown, Akron, Ohio, with the LeBron James Family Foundation. "LeBron recently helped about 800 children from his hometown graduate from high school."

17. Amy Poehler

Why she's awesome: The hilarious Amy Poehler not only made us laugh all year long — literally every second of every damn day — but she also "joined The No More's PSA campaign to fight rape culture."

16. Lupita Nyong'o

Why she's awesome: The talented and stunning actress took 2014 by storm, and "inspired young girls around the world through a powerful speech on beauty standards and self-love at Essence Magazine's Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon."

15. Demi Lovato

Why she's awesome: She continues to inspire fans with her incredible strength and vulnerable music. But Demi also used her voice to start a "'Mental Health Listening & Engagement Tour' to advocate for mental health support and treatment, and has been incredibly vocal about her experiences with mental health and body image, and even advocated for LGBT rights with her 'I Don't Care' music video."

14. Zendaya

Why she's awesome: The supremely talented rising teen star used her 18th birthday for good, "joining forces with feedOne to feed 150 kids from schools in Haiti, Tanzania and the Philippines for an entire year."

13. Kerry Washington

Why she's awesome: She's inspired us all to be as badass as Olivia Pope, but apart from killing it on TV, Kerry has helped "design a purse for Allstate Foundation's Purple Purse Program, to raise awareness and funds around financial abuse, a huge component of domestic abuse that not enough people talk about."

12. Olivia Wilde

Why she's awesome: The witty actress and one-half of the world's most beautiful couple is making a difference with her philanthropic ecommerce site Conscious Commerce, which inspires shoppers to "spend some money that will go to good people doing good things." Olivia also "teamed up with and H&M for Comeback Clothes to encourage young people to recycle unwanted garments to help save the planet."

11. John Legend

Why he's awesome: You probably obsessed over his megahit "You and I" this year, but did you know that the music video for the track, "featuring portraits of a diverse host of women, raised $495,000 dollars for #OperationGirl Charity Challenge, a fundraising campaign for charities focused on women and girls"? Amazing.

10. Chris Pratt

Why he's awesome: He made us all swoon on-screen in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he melted hearts "during his speech for the March of Dimes," and continued to make a difference by visiting "children in hospitals dressed as Star Lord." A true real-life hero.

9. Tyler Oakley

Why he's awesome: Internet personality Tyler Oakley is the very first Internet celeb to make DoSomething's Top 20 list, and he did so by "mobilizing his fans to raise over half a million dollars for The Trevor Project."

8. Shonda Rhimes

Why she's awesome: We all want to be a part of ShondaLand — and that's thanks to Shonda Rhimes killing it on ABC's Thursday night lineup, where she "uses her power as TV's #1 showrunner to cast diverse characters and start a national conversation about race, sex and class."

7. John Cena

Why he's awesome: The pro wrestler became a charitable superstar this year, acting as "the Grand Marshal for the 2014 Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure, and granting more than 400 wishes through the years for the Make-A-Wish foundation."

6. One Direction

Why they're awesome: The world's ~biggest boy band~ made our year with a brand new record and two very important new music videos, but they also used their powerful platform for good, helping "to raise $341,869 for Stand Up To Cancer."

5. Emma Watson

Why she's awesome: Emma Watson was the standout face of feminism this year, presenting a powerful speech at the UN and launching the incredible #HeForShe campaign.

4. Miley Cyrus

Why she's awesome: Miley continued shocking the world this year, but it wasn't all just about crazy clothes and onstage antics. Miley "used her acceptance speech for her Video of the Year win to bring attention to the hardships of youth experiencing homelessness, and raise money for My Friend's Place through a Prizeo campaign."

3. Beyoncé

Why she's awesome: She's Queen B for a reason, and it's not just because she slays us on a daily basis with her life-changing music. "Beyoncé declared herself a feminist in a big way at this year's VMAs, and she launched numerous #BeyGOOD campaigns, which aided in putting people back to work, restocked clothing donation centers and provided counseling, housing, food and medical assistance to the homeless."

2. Laverne Cox

Why she's awesome: She's turned us all into mega-fans from her breakout role on Orange Is the New Black, but Laverne also asserted herself as feminist icon this year and "sparked a national conversation about the transgender movement."

1. Taylor Swift

Why she's awesome: Taylor has undoubtedly been crowned the queen of 2014, dominating the charts with her new 1989 album and cultivating the ultimate celeb/fan relationships. But she also used her star power for good, donating "all proceeds from the sale of her single 'Welcome to New York' to New York City Public Schools."

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