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    "Texts From Your Ex" Is Your New Favorite Instagram Account

    "Real texts from real exes."

    Some brilliant soul started a new Instagram account solely featuring texts from exes, and it's the Insta account we've all been waiting for.

    ABC / Via

    You can even send in your own texts via email or Instagram Direct if you ever wanna throw some shade at the jerk who won't stop harassing you.

    Here are some of the best:

    Cool story, bro.


    I'll Chase Quickpay you.

    You. Have. A. Wife. And. Baby.

    I will never. Ever. Forgive u

    Big Machine Records / Via

    I lied, that was definitely a drunk text.

    I support a woman's right to choose.

    You took that well.

    I want my Jamie Oliver cookbook back.

    Did you get a divorce?

    *Sends picture of Jimmy Johns* Thought of you.

    Goodnight :/

    You get it from your shitty tax-evading father.

    Why did John Mayer make you realize this?


    You can follow Texts From Your Ex here.

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