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    Calvin Harris On Dating Taylor Swift: "It's Going Absolutely Fantastic"


    In case you haven't joined the #Tayvin train yet, it has now approached the station and is ready for you to jump on board.

    After their Instagram declarations of love, being utterly adorable at awards shows, and supporting each other on Twitter, it was pretty certain that their relationship couldn't get anymore damn cute.

    Calvin recently spoken out about his relationship with Taylor, chatting with Kiss FM UK and The Hits Radio about just how freaking happy he truly is.

    "It's going absolutely fantastic," Calvin told KISS FM, as we cried a river of tears.

    And while Taylor has worried in the past about trying to date when her life is a constant media frenzy, Calvin isn't worried about a damn thing.

    "It's not like every single time we go out we get a photograph taken of us. That's not the case. For me, like, it could be a lot worse and I'd still be, like, insanely happy with it. So, I'm good with it."

    Even though they both are basically dominating the world at this point in their careers, they still make it work.

    "We absolutely do [get to chill out and watch Netflix]. She's on a world tour and I'm based here. I guess the luxury is we can both travel very easily. I think that's a reason that it works so, so well. It's really not hard to see each other on a really regular basis."

    And Calvin pretty much wonders how someone as incredible as Taylor Swift actually exists.

    "It's not even a case of ticking all the boxes. It's like, there's boxes I didn't know existed which she ticks. It's really ridiculous. But yeah she does an incredible BBQ. And she's genuinely an incredible cook, and human being."