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Taylor Swift Sent A Fan $1,989 To Help Pay Off Her Student Loans

Just another day of Taylor Swift being a pristine human being.

Taylor Swift spent the holidays finding, packing, and shipping amazing presents to her biggest fans. A magical moment that fans knew they were about to experience as soon as they received this tiny little emoji on Tumblr or Twitter: 🎅

And even though the holidays are over, Taylor is still being everyone's favorite gift-giver. Tumblr fan Rebekah found that out first hand when she received this emoji 💌 and then got an insanely thoughtful package of goods from Taylor herself.

Rebekah was surprised with a ~SwiftEx~ package (hand-delivered from Taylor's bodyguard to ensure she got it swiftly).

She received a custom painting from Taylor Swift herself, including a polaroid documenting Taylor making the masterpiece:

One of Taylor's old necklaces:

And the most incredible gift of all: a check with $1,989 to help Rebekah pay off her student loans.

And she fully lost it, AS WE ALL WOULD.

Just six days ago, Rebekah posted about having to start paying back her student loans. And Taylor swooped in to help save the day, because her heart is made of pure gold.

Another day, another reason Taylor is one of the most kind-hearted people on this planet that we call Earth.