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    25 Taylor Swift Lyrics That Understood Your Love Life Better Than You Ever Did

    Listening to her music is basically free therapy.

    If there's anyone in the world that can understand your dating life (or lack thereof), it's Taylor Swift.

    Whether you're dealing with a brutal heartbreak, feeling ~on top of the world in love~, or pretty sure your crush wouldn't even know you existed if you walked right up and slapped them in the face, your girl Taylor gets you.

    Here are just a few of the many times Taylor Swift knew exactly what you were thinking, and said it better than anyone ever could.

    1. When you're straight up terrified you'll never find that same feeling ever again:

    2. When you keep on making the same mistake:

    3. When they break your heart, but don't really care because they're being ~honest~ and telling you how they feel:

    4. When it's either only you, or nothing:

    5. When you're struggling to not reach out to them (even though you know you definitely shouldn't):

    6. When you figured that jerk out before it was too late:

    7. When it sort of feels like your whole world is over, but then you finally put things in perspective:

    8. When the potential pain is just not worth the risk:

    9. When you've *finally* moved on, but they still cross your mind every once in a while:

    10. When there's nothing else you can do but give up, and hope it works itself out:

    11. When you ruthlessly try to move on, but you just can't seem to shake them yet:

    12. When they try to save what has already been long gone:

    13. When you knew it was a bad idea from the start:

    14. When you try to get back to who you were before:

    15. When they can't see the goddess that's standing right in front of them (you):

    16. When you finally let yourself feel pain, and in that moment you were free:

    17. When you just ended things, and you can't help but wonder what they're thinking:

    18. When it's not what you thought you wanted:

    19. When you realize that time is an actual blessing:

    20. When you still flinch at every mention of their name:

    21. When you admit you were wrong:

    22. When you finally let someone in, moments before it blew up in your face:

    23. When you can't figure out how to make it work:

    24. When you finally reach a place of peace:

    25. When they keep coming back for more, but you're already long gone:

    God bless the heartbreak whisperer.