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24 Essential Taylor Swift GIFs For Every Occasion

Let T. Swift help explain how you really feel.

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1. When you walk into a party lookin' fly and see your ex across the room:

2. When you wake up after a four hour nap:

3. When your crush likes your selfie on Instagram:

4. When your friend congratulates you on your amazing promotion right in front of your ex:


5. When your pizza is delivered and you realize they forgot your side of cheesy bread:

6. When someone cancels plans and you get to stay home and watch Netflix instead:

7. When you get guac at Chipotle and they forget to charge you extra:

8. When it's day 197 of winter and you just don't have the strength to leave your apartment anymore:


9. When you look at your calendar and realize it's only Wednesday:

10. When you're trying to take your skinny jeans off and you lose your balance:

11. When you're in the Ticketmaster queue praying to get tickets to the 1989 World Tour:

12. When you bust out your selfie stick and you're feeling your look:


13. When the new season of your favorite show is finally released on Netflix:

14. When you're on the subway and you hear someone playing Taylor Swift through their headphones:

15. When you have to make fake small talk with someone at a party but you're dying inside:

16. When you realize you sent a scandalous text to the wrong person:


17. When you remember you have Chipotle leftovers in your fridge:

18. When a Taylor Swift song comes on the radio:

19. When you make eye contact with a fella with hella good hair across the bar:

20. When it's 4pm on a Friday:


21. When you pour your cereal and then realize your roommate drank the last bit of milk:

22. When you see your crush flirting with another girl across the room:

23. When your friend admits that she texted her asshole ex:

24. When you're ready to go out and all your friends are still getting dressed: