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    Taylor Swift Having A Solo Dance Party Around Her House Is All Of Us

    A solo dance party is the best kind of party.

    After hilariously/terrifyingly face-planting while working out on a treadmill, pop queen Taylor Swift is back at it again starring in yet another Apple Music commercial.

    Dance like no one's watching @AppleMusic @thedarkness

    This time, she's ~dancing like no one's watching~. And the clip begins with her enjoying a chill night home alone, getting ready to blast her Friday night playlist.

    So she does what anyone would do when they have the entire house to themselves: she picks her favorite track, puts it on full blast, and gets her solo-dance-party on.

    Step 1: Climb on top of that damn table and dance like the kick-ass rock star that you truly are.

    Step 2: Use your fireplace mantel as a sexy prop.

    Also, your chair. And your couch.

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    *Cancels all Friday night plans*