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Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour Outfits Are Here And They're Perfect

Which can be described in one word: FLAWLESS.

We've all been holding our breath for the moment we'd finally be graced by Taylor Swift's glorious new tour outfits, and after she confirmed how fabulous they are, it became pure torture.

Thankfully, The 1989 World Tour kicked off last night in Tokyo, and we finally got a first look at every incredible outfit.

Including this hella sexy all-leather catwoman suit:

This shiny one-piece that screams GLITTER ERRDAY GLITTER ALL THE WAY:

Which, by the way, seems to be inspired by her BFF Karlie Kloss:

Too damn cute.

This adorable glitter crop top & shorts combo:

This super-cute matching top & skirt which is basically springtime come to life:

This sassy flapper-inspired green beaded dress:

This alluring one-piece that looks like it's dripping in diamonds:

This sassy lingerie-inspired get up:

This stunning black glitter jacket and booties:

This adorable cut-out crop top and patterned purple skirt:

And this jeweled black and blue bra top:

Taylor, you have truly out done yourself.