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Pete Wentz Wants Fall Out Boy To Collab With Taylor Swift

♫ Sugar we're never getting back together. ♫

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Pete Wentz and Fall Out Boy have brought us all the punk rock anthems of our teenage dreams.

And after a heartbreaking hiatus a few years ago, they're finally back in our lives, continuing to slay us all with their latest album American Beauty/American Psycho.
The new stuff is definitely different. When we were recording the new album my friends would say 'Oh you should do something like Dance Dance' or 'Is it going to sound like [From Under The] Cork Tree?' and I was like, 'No! We can't do that'. What's the point of making something that sounds like something we've already done. But at the same want to remind people of the spirit of your music, not do something that was a direct replication of that. So it was kind of terrifying.
Now we're like Fall Out Men. That would be the tagline. I think we've realized that there are people that we want in our lives, and people that we perhaps don't. We have such a better handle on it now.

But most importantly, they're excited to try new things — including unexpected collaborations.

We did this Victoria's Secret show with Taylor and she sang 'Light Em Up' with us. She is very in demand though, isn't she? I wouldn't hold my breath. She was so sweet.

Which is great because there is already a beautiful, blossoming relationship in place.

I've listened to "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" by @FallOutBoy 43 times today.

Hi, Taylor? Yes. Hello. If you could please get in the studio with Fall Out Boy at your earliest convenience that would be super. Thank you!!!!

*Prays to the music gods*

h/t: MTV

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