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25 Times The Struggle Was Real For People Who Grew Up In Florida

Oh, you have plans at 3 p.m.? Bring an umbrella. And a poncho.

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1. When your seat belt becomes a torture device.

#GrowingUpFloridian getting burned by these at least four times a week

2. When it's so damn hot outside that your electronics are on the verge of exploding.

#growingupfloridian going to the beach & forgetting to put your phone under the towel

3. Having to adopt a routine before you can even get on the road.

#GrowingUpFloridian having to roll down the windows and air out the car before you can even get in.

4. When God's greatest gift also becomes the most stressful gift.

#Growingupfloridian knowing the difficulty of keeping a chicken tender pub sub together


5. When you're trying to sleep but a chorus of animal sounds interrupts your dreams.

#GrowingUpFloridian "You're trying to sleep? Here let me sing you the song of my people"

6. When you debate on waiting for a shaded parking spot so you don't get burned by 110-degree leather seats.

#GrowingUpFloridian Trying to find a parking spot in the shade so when you get back into your car it's not 17000 degrees

7. When everyone outside of Florida thinks you spend approximately 20 hours of the day tanning on the beach.

#GrowingUpFloridian "oh my gosh you lived in Florida? Why aren't you tan?"

8. When it's so damn hot outside that you have to actually fear for your pet's life.

Having to make sure your pets are inside because it's too hot outside #growingupfloridian


9. When the only two weather options are scorching hot and torrential downpour.

#GrowingUpFloridian Life in Florida ⛅️ (FX: Caleb Natale)

10. When you don't even know why you bother doing your hair because THERE IS ZERO POINT.

#growingupfloridian being used to always having frizzy hair because of the humidity.

11. When you realized you didn't know what "seasons" were until you went out of state.

#GrowingUpFloridian what's winter?

12. When lovebugs are the constant bane of your existence.

#growingupfloridian having to fight these annoying things EVERY YEAR


13. When learning gator safety tips was a normal part of your childhood.

#growingupfloridian run zig zag if a gator is chasing you is common knowledge by the time you're 5

14. When you attempt to travel anywhere outside of Florida.

#growingupfloridian Driving North for 8 hours and still being in the same state.

15. When you realize the magic that is Publix doesn't actually exist nationwide????

#GrowingUpFloridian *goes to another state* *no publix*

16. When your face turns into a soaking-wet sweat machine approximately 46 seconds after stepping outside.

#GrowingUpFloridian Wearing makeup in the summer be like...


17. When you know to never schedule summer plans outside between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

18. The direct relationship between trying to not die in the heat and getting dress code detention.

#GrowingUpFloridian 75% of your clothes are tank tops/shorts but they're against dress code

19. When it could be storming and beautifully sunny in the exact same area at the EXACT SAME TIME.

#GrowingUpFloridian this describes Florida perfectly in a picture

20. When you've memorized every aisle and corner of your local Publix and get confused af when you enter an unknown store.


21. When checking your backyard, pool, or yard for gators becomes a normal part of life.

#growingupfloridian You find gators in your front yard

22. Owning several types of products in an attempt to ward off those demon flies.

#GrowingUpFloridian need I say anymore

23. When you have to wait 10 minutes for your car to cool down in order to not burn your hands off while trying to drive.

#growingupfloridian when you get in ur car to go somewhere and ur trying to drive but ur steering wheel has you like

24. When you get shady looks at a Publix bakery because no matter how old you get, you'll always want a free cookie.

#GrowingUpFloridian having to say you're twelve so you can get a free cookie at publix.

25. And of course, getting the most important phrase of your childhood forever etched into your memory.

#GrowingUpFloridian memorizing the Disney Tram safety message in English and Spanish

"Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas."