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    Simone Biles Lived Out All Of Our Dreams On The Set Of "Pretty Little Liars"


    During the Rio Olympics when Simone Biles casually proved she's the greatest gymnast of all time, show creator I. Marlene King invited the PLL fan to visit the set.

    Hey @Simone_Biles! @imarleneking wants you & the #FinalFive to come to PLL set when you get back - are you in?

    And a month later, her dream became a reality.

    Not only did she get to spend the day on set, she also had supreme bae Keegan Allen as her tour guide.

    .@KeeganAllen is @Simone_Biles official tour guide for today's #PrettyLittleLiars set visit. And we are in love wit…

    Very chill and casual.

    The duo checked into The Radley...


    ...visited Rosewood PD...


    ...and of course did the iconic PLL lineup.

    Simone also got to casually hang at Ezra's apartment...


    ...take some A+ selfies...


    ...and check out the famous wall of As.


    But most importantly, she lived out our "shh" dreams with all of the cast on set that day.



    And naturally, everyone was in complete awe of the badass Olympic champion.


    A Rosewood dream come true.


    💖 💖 💖

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