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    15 Signs You're The Taylor Swift Of Your Friend Group

    Basically, the coolest, smartest, kindest, world-dominating one.

    1. You wouldn't dare be seen without a red lip.

    2. You'd describe your style as ~classy, yet sassy~.

    3. And you wear your heart on your sleeve.

    4. You're always dating someone new.

    5. But it never really works out because they're all jerks.

    6. But it's okay because you'd rather be hanging with your girls anyway.

    7. You're the resident baker of your friend group.

    8. You love painting and making crafts.

    9. Some would say you have a slight *obsession* with cats.

    10. And you'd rather spend a Friday night watching Netflix than partying.

    11. You get along with EVERYONE, because you're a super nice person.

    12. And when haters start gossiping about you, you just shake it off.

    13. You live for uplifting, inspirational quotes.

    14. You always give the greatest advice.

    15. And most of all, you're highly ambitious and a hard worker—making your *dreams* happen.