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    Shawn Mendes' New Single "In My Blood" Is Finally Here And I Truly Cannot Stop Listening

    So. Damn. Good.

    I'm gonna cut straight to the chase: After nearly two trying years without new Shawn Mendes music, our time has finally come. The pop icon has blessed us with "In My Blood," the first single off his upcoming third album.

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    The new anthem is raw and vulnerable AF — and just as Shawn wanted it to, it will give you some extreme Kings of Leon vibes. And if you're anything like me, you're not gonna be able to stop listening to it on repeat for the remainder of 2018.

    Naturally, fans (read: me) have *a lot* of feelings.

    They're emotional as hell.

    When the beat drops and Shawn is about to hit those high, dramatic notes when he says “IT ISN’T IN MY BLOOD” #InMyBlood

    "I need someone to help me out" #InMyBlood

    The entire Mendes Army While listening to #InMyBlood ❤️😭 (I’m sure you all cried don’t lie hahah)

    Every time Shawn sings the line "Help Me" in #InMyBlood I really felt that

    They're unbelievably proud.

    the last line in #InMyBlood when he cries "it isn't in my BLOOD" is literally so heart-rendering it's VISCERAL. he has such a powerful and emotive voice i cant explain how shook i am.

    @ShawnMendes @ShawnMendes I really don’t know what to say, this is the best thing I heard in my whole life, i can’t even explain, you are unbelievable, we are always here for you, thank you for everything and I love u soooo much ❤️ #InMyBloodAtMidnight

    @ShawnMendes I love this song. It’s hit home to me of how I have felt at certain points in my life and the battles I have had to internally deal with while trying to carry on with day to day life. Thank you for this gift and your talent #InMyBlood

    He kills it EVERY. DAMN. TIME. @ShawnMendes #InMyBlood

    And mostly, they're really damn excited for this new era.

    #InMyBlood made me cry the first time I listened. @ShawnMendes I think this your best yet (which says a lot since all of your songs are gold) and I literally can’t wait for this album

    Can you believe there is still an entire ALBUM to come and there’s something coming out tomorrow as well? This era is already treating us so well #InMyBloodAtMidnight #InMyBlood

    #InMyBlood BOIII THAT SONG MADE ME FEEL THAT SHIT IN MY BLOOD!!!!!! 😍🔥 OBSESSED LIKE 😍 This is a masterpiece I just can’t right now! SM3 is already a masterpiece and the album isn’t even out yet. (Okay imma shut the fuck up)

    The SM3 era has officially begun. Shawn completely obliterated my fragile heart with #InMyBlood so beautiful so raw. The tears and chills were real. The song is so relatable and real. This album is going to be the best yet. Wow. I'm completely speechless. @ShawnMendes

    And if "In My Blood" wasn't enough of a gift, we have one more thing to look forward to tomorrow...

    A truly blessed time to be alive.