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15 Things That Happen When You Ring In The New Year With Taylor Swift

Here's to another bigger and better #YearOfTaylor.

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Last night, we braved the freezing temperatures and a bajillion people piled on top of each other in Times Square for one very important reason: Taylor Swift.


As part of New Years Rockin' Eve, Taylor Swift — among other acts like Florida Georgia Line, MAGIC!, and Idina Menzel — performed live from Times Square as we waited for the famous ball to drop.

If you are a Swiftie like me, there is probably not a better way to ring in the New Year than watching Taylor Swift shake off 2014 moments before the clock struck midnight.

Here are the thoughts and feelings of seeing that happen IRL.

1. Moments before Taylor was set to perform, we crowded the stage — staring at the magical mic stand like you were waiting for the queen to take her throne.


7. She began her ode to New York, singing live before our eyes in the middle of Times Square, and we weren't sure if we were in a dream or if this was a real thing that was ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

9. And she sounded like actual perfection.

12. Because if Taylor can shake off the haters, YOU can shake off the haters.

A list of things to ban in 2015:

1. haters

2. h8ers

3. haterz

15. But the truly best moment of the night was minutes after the ball dropped, when she heartfully wished us a Happy New Year as she walked by — because there is no one nicer in the world than Taylor Swift.