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    13 Times Selena Gomez Slayed The Red Carpet

    SLAYLENA IS BACK. And she is here to stay.

    In case you forgot, this is Selena Gomez. Noted actress, singer, fashion designer, philanthropist, and all around fantastic human being. But apart from being insanely talented, she's also painfully beautiful.

    Our girl Sel has always been stunning, but it's pretty clear that 2014 has been *her* year. Here are just a few of the many times Slaylena straight up killed the red carpet game this year.

    1. When she showed up looking like this:

    Destroying any other human being on the red carpet:

    2. When she literally *beamed* in this insanely amazing mini dress:

    And you were like, "What?? How is it possible a human can really look like this?":

    3. When she dominated in this sassy jumpsuit:

    And was all like, "Hi, yes, I'm a badass.":

    4. When she killed it in this beautifully beaded gown:

    And the entire world stopped and stared for a while:

    5. When she rocked a velour jumpsuit and made you actually want to buy a velour jumpsuit:

    6. When she was the definition of grace and elegance:

    7. When she was sassy as hell:

    8. When her hair and makeup was probably crafted by actual angels:

    And obviously her outfit was too:

    9. When this look made you realize that jumpsuits were invented specifically for Selena:

    And then you ran out to buy all the jumpsuits so you, too, could slay like Selena:

    10. When she rocked the hair braid of your dreams:

    11. When her dress made you question if she was an actual Greek goddess:

    12. When she pulled an Angelina Jolie:

    13. When she commanded the crowd like the queen that she is:

    And she was like, "Hi, you can call me boss."