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    16 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Sales Associates

    "Witnessing someone tear through a stack of T-shirts that you literally JUST folded."

    1. That feeling after you've been standing on your feet for 12 hours.

    2. When that one boss who you don't mesh with always ends up working when you're scheduled.

    3. The agony of watching a customer completely destroy your hard work in under 10 seconds.

    4. When there's a sale and you're the only register open and people start practically attacking the damn counter.

    5. The realization that you're going to have to practically move into the store from November through New Years.

    Our annual "don't even think about it" holiday days off notice - welcome retail hell. #retailproblems

    6. When you just DGAF.

    7. Every time the dressing room looks like a tornado hit.

    8. When you're begged to close the store and know you're gonna be there until 2am.

    9. When a rude AF customer threatens to never come back and you're like, thank you for blessing me. 🙏

    Seriously. All day 😂👌 #retailproblems

    10. When there are three other coworkers available to help on the floor but people keep messing up your folding flow.

    11. When people start screaming at you at the cash register and you're just like, I LITERALLY CANNOT HELP YOU.

    When a customer starts complaining about policies you have no control over. #retailproblems #work

    12. When people are being hella rude and all you can do is laugh because you pretty much just feel sorry for them.

    13. When you literally just walked out onto the sales floor to clock in and are swarmed by 15 customers.

    Haha pretty much how it is every time at work lol 😂 #workplace #retailproblems

    14. When people ask you insanely ridiculous questions.

    Customer: do you have anything that's free? Me: oxygen and music for your enjoyment #retailproblems @RetailFailures

    15. When you tell people you're closed and they just walk in anyway giving zero fucks.

    16. And when you *just* finished making the store look like perfection before your manager comes to check, and customers come and destroy everything.