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    Ryan Reynolds Surprises Mega "Deadpool" Fan With Tickets To NYC Premiere

    After she woke up from wisdom teeth surgery completely heartbroken thinking she missed the movie, that is.

    A huge Deadpool fan woke up from wisdom teeth surgery completely heartbroken after thinking she tragically missed the film at theaters, and her chance of seeing Ryan Reynolds on the big screen in all his antihero glory.

    And her mom captured it all on video, sharing the hilarious moment on Ryan Reynolds' Facebook page this weekend.

    Facebook: video.php

    But obviously this story doesn't end there, because the rare magical unicorn that is Ryan Reynolds not only replied with his own cotton-filled mouth selfie in solidarity, he also invited Mariah to the NYC premiere of Deadpool tonight.

    And within a day they were on a flight headed to New York so she could get the actual greatest Deadpool watching experience possible.


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