Ryan Reynolds Had No Idea Blake Lively Instagrams Memes Of Him

    Until now.

    If you've never stumbled across the gem that is Blake Lively's Instagram, then your world is about to change.

    Aside from being the queen of hashtags, she's also extremely into memes, and isn't afraid to post a hysterical selfie.

    Naturally, a lot of those Instagrams have to do with her mega-babe husband, Ryan Reynolds.

    Earlier this week, I got the chance to sit down with Reynolds and discuss his new sci-fi thriller, Self/Less. So clearly, I had to get his thoughts on his wife's iconic Instagrams.

    Surprisingly, he had no idea what the hell I was talking about.

    "You know it's funny, we're always together and we're always talking, but we don't talk about that stuff that much," Reynolds said.

    But she's his wife, so naturally he just trusts that what she posts isn't going to be anything too insane.

    But then I showed him an example, this gold medal–worthy gem:

    And let's just say he was a little, um, shocked.

    And slightly embarrassed.

    In general, they don't really keep tabs on each other's social media. (Which is probably brilliant relationship advice.)

    But now he's thinking that they might start paying a little more attention...

    And honestly, between her hysterical Instagrams and his witty tweets, it's pretty clear that they are truly a match made in heaven.